February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Today is my mom's birthday.
Time is my friend.
Time has dulled the heartache ... or I am just better at hiding it.
I didn't wake up with that "lump in my throat" or "pit in my stomach" feeling. Instead I went to the gym (could barely walk after, thank you Jenn) and ran errands.
I was okay ... except for the time in Ikea, while talking to Ashley that I burst into tears. Or the moment when I listened to my messages and heard Susan Boyer, one of my mom's good friends, remind me that "she thinks of her everyday and still misses her". Yep... other then that, I was okay. But I thought of her ALL DAY!!!!!
In my mom's honor, I crawled into a HOT Bath (one of my mom's favorites), at 4:00 pm and put in extra bubble bath. Then, I gathered my sweet little family to celebrate my mom on her birthday. We ate Spaghetti with red sauce for dinner (one of her favorites).
We sang Happy Birthday and made a wish as we blew out the candles on heavily frosted cupcakes/cookies (another one of her favorites).
We each wrote her a birthday card and attached it to a balloon to "send it to heaven"
(she would not say this was her favorite).
And watched our messages float away.
I asked my kids what they remember about Grandma Kathy. They still remember a lot and I am trying to remind them of the things she loved. I try so hard to be like my mom. I wish I was more like her. She really was THE BEST!!!
Happy Birthday Mom!!!
(Next year... we are having a BIG party-all of us!)

February 24, 2011

Kenzie's Landslide

Kenzie performed for the "Empty Nesters" group last Tuesday.
So Proud!!! ;)

February 15, 2011

Kenzie's Valentine's Day GIG

Kenzie was invited to sing at the Walmart on 900 E. 4600 So in Murray. She told me she wasn't sure where she would be singing (foyer by the carts, outside begging for tips, by the check out stands???) and that it was "no big deal". She also gave me and Aaron the impression "not to come". SO.... I took Hayden and Mackay to see the Justin Bieber movie. (I have caught the Bieber Fever!!) As I sat there watching the movie - I kept thinking of Kenzie... Wondering how she was doing. I knew she was a little nervous. As soon as the movie was over, we dashed to Murray. I wanted to be there for her first "gig". HAD I KNOWN MORE ...I would have invited my entire family and her friends.

They had a cute make-shift stage behind the check out stands in the women's clothing area. They used 12 packs of Crush and Pepsi soda pop to make a huge heart (about 15 ft tall) behind them. She and Madi (her friend) would sing about 5 or 6 songs and then a high school aged girl would sing about 10 songs. They rotated from 3-6 pm.
It was DARLING!!! I was so proud!!! I wished I had had my camera and especially my video camera. I used my phone and got a few shots.
Kenzie sang a solo of the Elvis song "Can't Help Falling in Love with You". It stopped shoppers in their tracks. People were asking me "who she was" ... They boogied and sang with her and then applauded when she was finished. I was the proud mom sitting on the floor leaning up against the Valentine's day boxers with my phone in the air and a huge SMILE on my face.
Kenzie wants to perform. She is good at it. She puts herself on You Tube hoping to get some feed back and one day be noticed. I wish I knew how to get her "gigs". She was absolutely DARLING!!!

February 8, 2011

Aren't They Lovely??

Kenzie and her friend Madi are singing at Walmart on Valentines Day.
Not sure of the details or exactly what it means to sing at Walmart, but regardless, they are going to be singing a few love songs.
I must say that I love Kenzie's friends.
They are the cutest girls!
Madi is a very polite and kind teenage girl.
Aaron and I could not have picked a better gal for Kenz to spend her time with.
Even Mackay and Hayden say they "like it when Madi comes over. She is nice."
I love that they sit in front of the computer and sing together.
Such Funny & Sweet Girls...
Aren't they Lovely??

February 7, 2011

A Betrader Party!!

With the Super Bowl approaching, Mackay asked if I thought Ashley would "betrade" us???
Knowing exactly what he meant I giggled and responded with a "absolutely".
So we did our best to turn our basement into "Steeler" territory...
(Our Pre-Game Decorations...)
Let the GAME begin...
(Kamryn knew who to cheer for!!)
Nothing says Football like lip-lickin' chicken wings, chili dogs, and lots of treats!!
We are Steeler fans thru and thru!
The Marsees were decked out in their Green Bay Jerseys
(Amazing what Ash can do with a T shirt and some paint!)
We were right... Ash didn't disappoint - "Betrader!"
Poor Mackay - a "Die Hard Steeler Fan" -
He had a tough time enjoying the party/game.
He was a wreck heading out to the bus stop this morning.
Although our Steelers couldn't get the job done....
We still had a great time!!
We will miss watching Football for the next several months :(
Whens the next party???

February 5, 2011

That Smile....

You have all heard me say that Mackay is my "sweet", "kind", & "obedient" child. He is also very "passionate" about sports. But we are seeing that being kind, sweet, and even obedient doesn't get you far on the football field or basketball court.
Aaron has worked with him A LOT trying to get him to be more AGGRESSIVE!!! We have seen a bit of improvement but really ... Mackay is just sweet, kind, and obedient - it is who he is.
(Coach Dolphin & Team Havoc)
Today - Mackay was playing in his basketball game. He fouled twice. He tried to, secretly look over to the stands to see if his dad saw him foul. Aaron yelled "Good Job, Mackay!" which made Mackay get "that smile" - the kind that you can't wipe off your face no matter how hard you try. We giggled watching him try not to smile. Mackay got fouled twice and got to shoot free throws. (Stressful for the mom.)
He was being aggressive and he was loving it. Grandpa Earl and Roe were there to watch the aggression... We were so proud!! Mackay was so proud! Until...
Mackay and another player got a little tangled up.
Once untangled, Mackay pulled away and the other kid took a swing at Mackay's face. Luckily, I was caught up in conversation. The other kid was ejected from the game. His mother wasn't happy and started yelling and screaming. The parents of our team started yelling and screaming in defense of Mackay. Mackay's DAD stood up and started doing some yelling and screaming... I was still confused... thank heavens....

They EJECTED Mackay!!!
My "kind", "sweet", "obedient", "non aggressive" little athlete got EJECTED.

I was a wreck and wanted to throw up. The other kid and his mother immediately left. Nothing like taken your ball and going home. I was glad. She scared me. Although I wanted to throw up - Mackay was o-k-a-y. His coach reassured him that he didn't do anything wrong and actually did everything RIGHT!!

You know the smile that I was talking about earlier... the one you can't wipe off your face... Mackay is still wearing his jersey and
"that smile!!"

February 2, 2011

Cancer Sucks!!

I hate cancer - like really HATE cancer!!!
Do you ever feel like EVERYONE is getting it???

Sandy Hein, the sweetest lady from my Sego Lily ward just passed away on Sunday.
My dad's mission companion, Gary Bengtzen is having to fight it. They have been our family's close friends for as long as I can remember. His cute wife already battled it twice!!
Steve Brewster from the ward I grew up in (Butler 8th ward) is enduring the fight.
Manda's friend in Indiana has small children and is fighting it AGAIN!!
I have a friend whose cousin just died, leaving her husband with 5 little ones ...
Ugh - it is every where!! I wish it would just GO AWAY!!
(if you click on the highlighted names, you can read their stories)

As for my experience with my mom -
I don't ever want to do it again, but I wouldn't give it up for the world.
I don't give cancer any credit!! All cancer did was take my mom away.
I hate Cancer!!

February 1, 2011

Jazz It Up...

Aaron occasionally gets Jazz tickets from other doctors, in exchange for referrals (maybe the missionaries should start doing that... just kidding - not funny...)
Anyway - he usually only gets 2 tickets.
It ends up being a big fight as to who gets to go...
Aaron with ME!
Aaron and Kenzie!
Aaron and Mackay!
(Hayden usually doesn't care.)
Not this time...We decided to Jazz it up with the entire family last Friday night as they battled the Timberwolves.

We dined at Thaifoon before - Yummy!!!

Then we walked across the street to the Energy Solutions Building to watch the game.
As we walked, Mackay noted my outfit and told me I looked cute "like I could live down town or something." Kids say the nicest things... Especially THIS kid.

We ate way too much but had a blast!! Everyone enjoyed the game, making fools of ourselves as we tried to get on the jumbo tron and Kenzie & I REALLY enjoyed watching the people around us. All in all - it was a GREAT night!