December 31, 2010

Haddie's 6!!!


Hayden turns 6 today!!!

He has been my crazy child - filled with Spunk, Spite, and Spirit!!
He is my little "Spit Fire".

(Hayden was 1 day old)

(Hayden's Blessing Day)

What would we do without:
A "Good Looking Boy"
The "Angry Little Animal"
My "Little Man"
Our "Haddie"

I LOVE you, Buddy!!!

December 30, 2010

Dudley :(

I got a text from my sister today that said;
"Dudley went to be with
Grandma Kathy today."

Another part of our past is done. It made us all very sad.

Christmas Highlights

Christmas Morning -
Waiting to go upstairs to see what Santa brought...

The Favorites from Santa

Kenzie's Guitar

Mackay's Jersey & Fathead

Hayden's Big Ironman

Brunch!! A family tradition.

Everyone was HAPPY!!

This month, I have had several conversations with Aaron and my brothers and sisters about Christmas. We have talked about:
*our childhood memories of Christmas - thank you Josh for compiling almost 35 years of Christmases on one DVD.
*our schedules - trying not to run ragged but to still make the holiday feel "special" - caroling, temple lights, birthday parties & lunch, etc.
*how it is hard to feel the"magic" of the season when you are the one trying to provide it.
*how we still miss Mom this time of year - thank you Jenn for the Steno Note Pad and Pen :) and Ash for starting "Kat Bean Art".
But I must say this year was one of the best for me.
It was HAPPY! It was FUN! It was FILLED.
Some days were even MAGICAL!!
I am glad that my husband & kids took a few minutes EVERYDAY to do something to celebrate the season - Thank you Aaron for being a good sport and supporting me in all the crazy ideas I throw at you and our kids - "endearing trait, Babe, endearing trait".
I am glad that we are continuing family traditions that my mom and dad (& grandparents) began when we were little.
I am glad that most of my family lives close (we miss you, Manda) and is willing to get together often for the holidays.
I love this season. It is a joyful season. It is a season of giving and gathering.
Most importantly, it is a season to celebrate the birth of our Savior.
It is because of Him that we can continue to gather our families through out the eternities.
I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and that it was as Happy for you as it was for me.

December 29, 2010

Day 21-24...

Day 21- Read Christmas Books & Drink Hot Chocolate
and go to Mackay's Basketball Game!

Day 22- Gingerbread Houses

and go to Mackay's Basketball game.

(Kenzie's & Hayden's Gingerbread Houses - Mackay ate his before I could get a picture)

Day 23- Hang Out
We were supposed to go to my aunt Carole's to deliver groceries and gifts, but my dad ended up doing that instead.
Aaron took the day off and we just hung out!

(After playing 6 Basketball games in 7 days... Mackay was BEAT!!)

Day 24- Go See a Movie (a family tradition) and then Christmas Eve Dinner at Jenn's House
We saw Tron - don't know if I would recommend it.

Jenn always puts together the Dutch Present (another family tradition).
It is the kids favorite!! The gift is wrapped MANY times with a poem about each child and they each open one layer.

Inside the Dutch Present are all the kids - Pajamas!!

(even Ben & Colin got jammies & opened the gift.)

Then... "all the Children were nestled
all snug in their beds....."