October 22, 2011

Kenzie's Hidden Talent???

Josh let Kenzie borrow his keyboard. I didn't even know she could play... She surprises me everyday...

October 9, 2011

Opportunities to Do Good

Some of you may remember my friend from high school, Michelle Chase. She was in Dance Company with me. I also worked with her at Videomatic after we graduated. She has always been such a good friend - one that you can go YEARS without talking to but when you do chat, it is as if it was yesterday.
Michelle has been through a lot. I have learned that those who are given multiple challenges (those that you plead with the Lord to NEVER give you) are usually the strongest, most valiant, and obedient ones. (My aunt Ruth Ellen is another example of this.) Michelle is definitely one of the strongest.

This Mormon Message is about her experience with her daughter's transplant.
Their message is of Service.

October 7, 2011

Bobcat, Wolf, Bear - Check.

Mackay finished all his requirements for his BEAR.
I was a little nervous since he hasn't been able to go to any den meetings due to football. Luckily he is easy and says "OK" when I make his do a scout requirement before going out to play with friends.
Brother Chip Ormond is our Cub Master.
(I picked up Mackay from a friend's house minutes before Pack Meeting started. I handed him his shirt and hoped it would cover his "homeless" outfit.... Not that lucky.)
(Then again, I am looking pretty homeless myself...)
Tradition is to put the pin on Mom and then give her a big kiss in front of everyone at Pack Meeting!!!
This is Mackay after a sweet smooch from Mom (a little embarrassed)!!
I am so proud of you Mackay. You are such a good boy!

October 5, 2011

Aaron's Passion

When Kenzie was little, she loved horses.
We lived in Pittsburgh at the time & my mom would send her brochures & trophies from the Horse Show. She thought she was a real cowgirl. She used to beg Aaron to buy her a horse.

Aaron has always loved Mercedes.
Early in our marriage, he would tell me that one day he would own a "Midnight Blue Mercedes". I would listen and then think:
"Kenzie wants a horse - Aaron wants a Mercedes - And I want a million bucks!!
Never going to happen..."

Mom encouraged Kenzie. She'd say:
"Make a deal with your dad. You buy him a Mercedes and he'll buy you a horse."
Kenz believed she would do that one day - she was
Luckily, her love for horses faded,
but Aaron's love for Mercedes did not!

After finishing dental school, moving back to Utah, and opening a dental practice,
Aaron's dream finally came true - - - sort of...
He bought himself a Mercedes - color: light metallic blue.
He loved his car.
I remember my mom telling me how proud she was of Aaron. She'd say:
"You realize your husband did it!! He set a goal and accomplished it - without any help.
He Did It!"
I was glad my mom recognized his efforts -
very few have recognized him for his hard work in a positive way.
I know he is a determined person. If he wants to do something, he will.
He has done this time and time again - accomplished what I thought was impossible.

Last year, he traded in his Mercedes for a midnight blue Range Rover. It broke my heart!!!
His Mercedes was more then a car to me.
It was something that my mom had seen and made a big deal out of...
It is funny, when someone you love and respect and worship and adore, etc, etc, passes away,
you tend to hold on to anything that reminds you of them.
He owned the Range Rover for just a few months. It was a lemon!!!

He then purchased a beautiful charcoal Lexus. I loved his Lexus.
I really hated the Range Rover so I loved the Lexus even more.

He liked his Lexus, but his heart belongs to Mercedes.
After much thought, research, nights without sleep at the computer, and excitement, he sold his Lexus and went two weeks without a car - well, he drove my Big White Car.
(I refuse to drive it. And I am not looking forward to winter and cold weather - I LOVE my mother's day gift from Aaron...and drive it rain or shine.)
(yes, I had to put this in here)

Until last Thursday -
He finally got his MIDNIGHT BLUE MERCEDES!!!

He is the happiest man alive!!

Everyone has a passion for something...
Mine is Decorating.
Kenzie's is singing.
Mackay's is football.
Hayden's is weapons.
Aaron's will always be CARS!!!

I don't mind.
If he can afford it and it makes him happy - Go for it!!
You deserve whatever car you want!!
(I really wish my mom could see it.
She would tell him how proud she is of him.
But since she isn't here to tell him, I will....)
Good Job, Babe!!
I love your car too.
And I am so proud of ALL you have accomplished!
And you look really hot in your new car... wink, wink.