October 7, 2011

Bobcat, Wolf, Bear - Check.

Mackay finished all his requirements for his BEAR.
I was a little nervous since he hasn't been able to go to any den meetings due to football. Luckily he is easy and says "OK" when I make his do a scout requirement before going out to play with friends.
Brother Chip Ormond is our Cub Master.
(I picked up Mackay from a friend's house minutes before Pack Meeting started. I handed him his shirt and hoped it would cover his "homeless" outfit.... Not that lucky.)
(Then again, I am looking pretty homeless myself...)
Tradition is to put the pin on Mom and then give her a big kiss in front of everyone at Pack Meeting!!!
This is Mackay after a sweet smooch from Mom (a little embarrassed)!!
I am so proud of you Mackay. You are such a good boy!


amanda said...

Way to go Mackay!! That's exciting.

Shauna said...

Congrats to Mackay! It is always a little awkward, the pinning on the mom.