April 23, 2011

Say "Cheese"...

On some of the more "intense" rides at Disneyland and California Adventure, they have a camera set - waiting to take your picture.
A few of us... NOT all of us... tried to time it just right to make a silly face for the camera.
Space Mountain
Tower of Terror
California Screamin'
My mom used to say - you should always have an even number of kids, so that when you go to Disneyland, no one has to ride alone. (Mom was always thinking...) She is right though... Someone always had to ride alone. At first, Aaron was the single rider, but Mackay started volunteering. He didn't mind riding alone, until they put a stranger with him - Note the last picture - then he wasn't so willing. Mom is right. You should really try to have an even amount of kids if you plan to go to Disneyland. ;)


"The Happiest Place on Earth"

Fantasy Land
Tomorrow land
Jedi Training!!!
Frontier land -
Day 1 - Warm and NOT Crowded.
Truly the "Happiest Place on Earth"
Day 2 - Cold and Crowded.
Not so much the "Happiest Place on Earth"
Day 3 - Cool and Horribly Crowded!!
More like the "Most CROWDED Place on Earth"
But we still had a great time!!

Scenes from our Family Vacation

Residence Inn Marriott in Fullerton CA.
The pools was right outside our door.
Kenz got the upstairs loft all to herself.
The boys slept on the pull-out.
And we got the master suite.
Everyone was Happy!!

Newport Beach
Whale Watching & Bubba Gump's Restaurant for lunch

Universal Studios
Backlot Tour
Great Outdoors House, Psycho Motel, Grinch House