February 10, 2010

Written By Kenz (Holy Cow)

HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!! July was my last post. I guess being a teenager with a blog is difficult work! (: Sooo many things have gone on! Umm.. Where the heck do I start!? August- School started.. 7th grade is very different that elementary! More classes, no recess):, and more SCARY odd teachers. I took French, mom says it a feminine language, I saw its the Devil. But now that I am in my second tri-mester. I am thinking again. Pretty sure that German and "Frau" Miskin is Satan. Lets just see what Spanish has to offer-since I chose that for my Language ALLL year next school year.. It better be good. Ha. September..Uhh.. October.. November.. December. CHRISTMAS(: Yah. That is all i got. A new year began.. 2010. I have such difficulties writing that. I will start writing 09, stop at the 0 and squeeze a 1 in there(: January was a crazy month! Umm. January 9, the twins were born! My twin (ADORABLE) boy cousins. Ben and Colin(: Now, I just need to meet them... It was my daddy's birthday so my parents went on a cruise! Mexico-without me(: Dang. But Jessica came and babysat! That was the funniest weekend. Got to do a lot of Dance Parties with my best friend. Short Shorts, V-Necks, Knee-high socks, blasting music! Ahh. Good weekend. Except I sort of became a women that weekend...Yeah, that was a downer. BUT I thought of the positive and kept it a secret. Ha! When my parents came home. It was sorta like "Disneyland Depression". No offense mom.. January, you could say, when down hill. On the 28th my great gma Betty died. :( She was so great and I will miss her. We all will. So my family went down to Reno for her funeral. I was able to stay with the Allen's. Thanks Jenn! That was a way fun weekend too!! Late nights watching movies(: But I had some Valentine drama during that. My BEST guy friend asked me to be his Valentine! But I rejected him. Didn't want to make it awkward was my excuse(: I told him if anyone else asked me, I'd say no.. Another guy asked me. I said yes. I lost a friend.. DRAMA! Ugh. I'm 13 for crying out loud, wanna give me a break!!! Yeah. So i have a valentine(: .... I am not sure what else to say.. So I am going to stop here.(: