May 31, 2012

We are READY!!!

School is almost out!!
Manda and her kids are almost here!!
I am ready for SUMMER to begin!!

To wrap up school activities, I went to: 
Hayden's class on Tuesday
He showed me his best work from the year.  
He loved his teacher and luckily his teacher loved him.
We will miss Mrs. Schultz.

Mackay's Utah Performance on Thursday.  
He did a GREAT job.  
More photos on his  performance on his blog - click HERE to see.

Way to Go MACKAY!!

I would love to go to Indian Hills Middle School to see Kenz's work, but she didn't invite me... ;0)

To get ready for Manda and her kids to come we have: 
cleaned and cooked.  
scoured and planned.   
weeded and planted.  
The only thing left (besides last minute grocery shopping) is.... 
Clean out the WINDOW WELLS....  
In the time that we have owned this house, the window wells have NEVER been cleaned out.  Mackay happily jumped down in the wells with a rake.
He gathered all the garbage, leaves, bugs, spiders,
 oh and THESE!!!!!!  
Glad it wasn't me in the window well... I am pretty sure a not very nice word would have escaped my mouth and I would have then had to ingest some soap (like Hayden has had to do lately).  
One word to describe these things!!!!
Mackay found SIX!!!  
We took them to the golf course and let them go. 
 Hayden cried. 
 He wanted to keep them as a pet.  

 I think we are pretty much ready for the Hatches to arrive!!! 

Go Record... Done

I told Kenz it had been a while since she had played her guitar.  Since she was bored I told her to "Go RECORD!"  She went downstairs.  Came up 20 minutes later and said "Done!"

Wish I could say she inherited this talent from me... :0(

Memorial Day Air Show

Aaron is extremely Patriotic.  Never will you not see an American Flag in front of our home.  Aaron also loves airplanes.  When he was little, he always wanted to fly planes... FAST.  So for Memorial Day, we decided to make Aaron really happy and combine the two.
We went to see the Thunderbirds!!!

We stayed over night in Layton and arrived at Hill Air Force Base a little before 9 am on Saturday morning.  He was in heaven!!  We tried to keep up with him as he toured the area that was filled with all kinds or aircrafts.  We all enjoyed the air show.  

 I know this plane was HUGE.  I carries tanks and other vehicles to where ever they need to go.


We left early because of bad weather.  He didn't get to see the Thunderbirds due to a weather delay but he was still THRILLED with what he did see.  
It was a fun day for all of us.  (I'll have him tag the pictures so we know what we are looking at... because I have no idea which is which.)

We saw this sign and thought it was funny... we decided to have the kids take our picture by it... The people in charge of the station got a good laugh... 

May 16, 2012

Mother's Day

Visiting Mom on Mother's Day

May 12, 2012

A Fun & Happy Tribute to Mothers

Thank you Loisann, one of my sweet friends, for emailing this to me.  I love receiving things like this.  I have watched it over and over.    I love how she uses so many words from our Primary songs.  Doesn't every mom sing Primary Songs to their children?? Mine did and I still do. :)
I want Kenzie to learn it on her guitar.
It is such a Fun and HAPPY tribute to all Mothers.  

I hope you all have a Wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow!!

Easter Recap

Oops...I realized I never blogged about Easter. 
The Easter Bunny came & brought everyone a Basket. 
Then we were off to church

I found it sad that the weeks leading up to Easter, our Bishop & Relief Society President reminded, encouraged, & basically begged us all to come to church on Easter.  When you think of the reason we celebrate Easterit seems a little strange NOT to go to church on Easter.

Mackay gave a talk in Primary - you can read it here on his blog.  It was sweet.  He spoke about my mom's journey to heaven.  I was helping in Primary so I got to watch him give his talk.  I was so proud of him.  He did a wonderful job. 

After church - we had our Family Easter Dinner.  
With the beautiful weather, some of us sat inside & some sat out. 
Then we had our annual Easter Egg Hunt.  
In our family, if you are NOT a parent then you get to hunt for eggs.  
They all know some eggs hold money.  I giggled watching the older kids Shake the eggs to decide to keep them or not (each kid is only allowed 10 eggs).  They kept the eggs that felt "empty" assuming they had the "dollars" in them.  Once everyone came in & opened their eggs, some were happy but many were disappointed to find silly putty.  :)
But the best part of our Easter Dinner 
were in town to join us.  
We sure miss them.
 HAPPY (belated) EASTER!!