May 12, 2012

A Fun & Happy Tribute to Mothers

Thank you Loisann, one of my sweet friends, for emailing this to me.  I love receiving things like this.  I have watched it over and over.    I love how she uses so many words from our Primary songs.  Doesn't every mom sing Primary Songs to their children?? Mine did and I still do. :)
I want Kenzie to learn it on her guitar.
It is such a Fun and HAPPY tribute to all Mothers.  

I hope you all have a Wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow!!


Shauna said...

Wow, how sweet, I teared up.

amanda said...

You have been a busy blogger!! I love the new deck and can't wait to see it. Aly can't wait to get in your hot tub.
I think that is too funny about Kenz's folder. Oops!! I'm a chucker too. Remember when I chucked the FLat Stanley report and you had to print it again. Jane is such a pack rat and it drives me bonkers.
Can't wait to see you in LESS than 3 weeks:):):)

mamamrowan said...

Wow, now I'm sitting here bawling. I hope my kids feel the same way about me someday. Wonderful tribute!