December 31, 2016

Ringing in the New Year and Celebrating Hayden's 12th Birthday

We celebrated Hayden turning 12 by bowling.  
He HATED every minute of it.  It was not fun!

Then we went home, opened gifts, and had family come over to ring in the new year

December 26, 2016

Christmas Festivities

December 1st: Open Chocolate Advent Calendar
December 2nd: Open Christmas Blankets
December 3rd: FHE Nativity

December 4th: Listen to the Prophet - First Presidencies Christmas Devotional
December 5th: Walk to Bethlehem
December 6th: Zupas for Dinner (Mackay has ortho)
December 7th: Open Silly Christmas Shirts
December 8th: The Roof & Temple Square

December 9th: Deliver Neighbor Gifts to Earn Money 
December 10th Shop for Each Other
December 11th: Open Special Drinks under the Tree
December 12th: Have Breakfast for Dinner
December 13th: Puzzle Night

December 14th: Kenzie's Birthday - YM/YW Activity
December 15th: Making Cookies for Cookie Party

December 16th: Drive Around to See the Christmas Lights

December 17th: Open New Christmas Movie
December 18th: Kenzie's Birthday & Cookie Party

December 19th: Open Pez Candy
December 20th: Girls Night at Nutcracker
Boys Night at Black Bear Diner
December 21st: Christmas Movie Marathon
December 22nd: Lashbrook Charity Breakfast

December 23rd: Exchange Sibling Gifts & Fuji for Christmas Adam 

December 24th: Christmas Eve at Grandpa's

December 25th: Christmas Morning

Christmas Night