August 27, 2012

Back to School

Kenz started High School this morning.  
She is a sophmore at Alta High!!

Mackay has Mrs. Toleman for the 5th Grade at Lone Peak.
Hayden got Mrs. Carlisle for 2nd grade.
They were up early and out the door on time this morning to catch the bus ... with a smile.
Brady Wallace, Brandon Cutler, Hayden
Dustin Millich, Jason Casey, Mackay 
I love routine and having my days to get things done 
but I will sure miss the lazy days of Summer.

August 25, 2012

Are You Ready for Some FOOTBALL?

has begun.  
He is #14 this year.
Hall (special teams) Allen (Head & Offense) Allan (conditioning)
Coach Holen - (defense)

To see a better video of Mackay - click HERE or go to Mackay's blog HERE. :)
I'm having trouble uploading today... :(

Aaron congratulating Mackay after playing Quarterback for the First Time!!!
We were SO Proud of him!!

August 21, 2012

Some Nights ...

"Some Nights" 
Kenz endured "Some (long) Nights" recently when she had an ear re-pinned.  
Although, happy with how her ears turned out, she wanted her right ear pulled a bit more. 
We opted not to put her completely out this time.   
Kenz waiting for the Numbing Medicine to kick in.  She didn't like this part too much.
Waiting for Dr. Bindrup & trying to smile for a pic for Facebook.
Once the slicing and stitching began, Hayden excused himself and sat in the hallway.
Kenz needed a distraction so I handed her my phone.  
She decided to take a few photos from under her drape...  funny girl.

Once done, we picked up her meds and headed home.
 This recovery was a little different this time -  Lots of BLOOD, drainage, and sleepless nights.  
Stitches come out this Thursday.
 "Some Nights" aren't very fun when you've had your ear cut open and sewn back up.

She did get a cute new hair cut and color a few days before the surgery - just in time for school to start.

August 19, 2012


I was excited to be asked by my friends & family members to help with their upcoming CELEBRATIONS.  
It was SO much fun!  
Kenz has caught the decorating/celebrating bug and was a HUGE help!!

Saturday August 4th: 
Bridal Shower for Alissa Geis
hosted by (my darling niece) Jessica Allen and her friend Emilie Woodhead.
 We wanted a Romantic Vintage Look with Pink, Brown, and Yellow.  
We made: 
Burlap Runners and Banners, 
Pearl Bracelets for each guest 
& Lemon Head favors with a diamond ring attached.  
We hung lanterns and vases filled with flowers from the pergola 
& used white & burlap fabric to shield the sun.
It was Pretty and WARM but was still fun.

Sister of Bride, Alissa (Bride), Sister of Emilie, Emilie, Jessica
Colette (Mother of the Bride), Jenn (Jessica's Mom & my sister), Karen (Emilie's Mom) 
Food Buffets
Lunch Menu: 
Chicken Salad Croissants
Caesar Salad
Multi Grain Chips with Peach Salsa served in brown lunch sacks
Strawberries & Blueberries
Pink and Yellow Lemonade
Originally we had planned to make "Boxed Lunches" for each guests but since we weren't sure how many were coming, we decided to serve lunch Buffet Style.

Desserts: Lemon Cake with Raspberries

Some of the Prep Work... Boxed Lunches, Centerpieces, Bracelets (each gift received a Pearl Bracelet)
Kenz gave the party a "Thumbs Up!"

Thursday, August 16th: 
Wedding for Kelsie McDonald and Taylor Meek.  

Reception was held at the Garden Place at This is the Place Park

Kelsie made most of her decorations. 
She wanted Burlap table lines with Navy & White striped Runners. 
We placed painted vases (yellow, navy, and coral) with flowers atop a tree stump on the tables accented with a framed photo of the happy couple.  
Taylor had made many wooden signs to be placed through out the venue. 
Waffle Bar 

Kenzie and I, with the help of my good friend Jeni Gardner (& her daughters) set up the reception & added a few extra accents where needed.  We were thrilled with the way it turned out & so were Kelsie's Parents, our good friends Matt & Kathy McDonald.

Friday, August 17th: 
Wedding for Alissa Geis and Jordan Noe.  

The Reception was held at the Old McMillan House

 I spent a day (Monday, August 13th) with Alissa and her mom Colette 
gathering and making finishing touches for their Lemonade Themed Reception.  

Her tables had white linens with Burlap and Yellow  & White striped runners.   
She used my black frames to display her engagement photos.  
Aluminum milk jugs and watering pitchers were filled with yellow roses and daisies accented with lots of Lemons!!
She used our "Celebrate" Banner over the cake 
& made another one the read "Mr & Mrs" to decorate the photo booth  
- which Kenz and I enjoyed.
The yard was decorated with cute white frames, old doors, lanterns & of course, a LEMONADE stand. 
Crepe Bar with LOTS of Toppings
Served with Lemonade


 It was darling!

Kenz & I spent part of the day helping a different friend, so my sister, Jenn, helped them set up.  We arrived just in time to see Alissa and Jordan cut their cake, toss her bouquet, and jump in their decorated car.  
We cleaned up & were given some of her bright fresh flowers to enjoy at home.

Saturday, August 18th: 
Wedding for Stephanie Cheney & Josh McNaught. 

Stephanie chose Red, Black and White.
Her Tables had white linens with black & white fabric squares.
Black vases with Red Roses and White flowers were set atop with a votive candle and Framed Photo of the couple.
Lanterns were lit, Wreathes & Photos were hung around the yard.
They had a canopy over a dance floor that her dad built.  
Large Chinese Lanterns hung inside the canopy.

Cheese & Crackers
Strawberry Shortcake
 Oreos & Milk

The same crew (Halls and Gardners) that set up the McDonald wedding arrived at 7 am - and we spent the entire day decorating and making the Cheney's backyard beautiful.  
We made a "Thank You" banner that hung on the shed as the guest were leaving.

They had a GREAT turn out and a Good Time was had by ALL!!

Still waiting for Photos...

It was an honor to be asked by these special ladies to be a part of their celebrations.  
Kenz got some GREAT ideas for her future wedding and I loved sharing MY PASSION for decorating with my daughter.