March 31, 2010

Kenzie's Big Bird - finger...

Kenzie walked in the door from school yesterday in tears - BIG TEARS and SOBS.
Apparently, during GYM/PE, while playing basketball, she tried to block a ball.
She was sure "It was BROKEN!!"

I took her up to the dentist office - yes I said "dentist" office. There is no way I am paying for an x-ray and exam, when my husband can take a quick x-ray and see if it is broken. If is WAS broken, then I would have taken her to the doctor's office.

It wasn't broken - just a good jam.

Don't look at the greasy hair...Kenzie's right hand- note the size of her "birdie" finger.

Kenzie's left hand- note the size of her "birdie" finger.

bad picture - tried to get a close up.

All photos were taken after all the drama - thus the black eyes.

We put her finger in a splint and she was good to go.
It got her out of guitar lessons - I didn't mind, it was snowing and I hate to drive in the snow.

March 30, 2010

"You are my Very Best Friend"

Hayden has a Best Friend. His name is Hayden too.

When they play, sometimes one Hayden says to the other,

“You are my very best friend.”

Recently, Hayden told me that he needed to “explain to Hayden that they can't be best friends anymore."

I asked “Why?”

His answer, “Because Hayden played with someone else and not me.”

Now, I am trying to “explain” that it is okay to have LOTS of Best Friends.

Sometimes your BROTHER is your best friend.

(Mackay and Hayden)

(Hayden and Mackay, holding Colin and Ben)

(Josh and Adam)

(Aaron and Ryan)

(Brad, Ryan, and Aaron)

Sometimes your COUSINS are your best friends.

(Hayden and Tobe)

(Kenzie, Jessica, Taylor) (Jane, Hayden, Kamryn)

Sometimes our NEIGHBORS are our Best Friends.

(Mackay and "Little" Mackenzie)

(Jason, Mackay, Dustin)

(Kenzie and Kendra)

(Shauna and me)

And sometimes the people we go to school and church with are our best friends.

(Mackay's cub scouts)

(Kenzie's Young Women - Savannah)

Sometimes we laugh with our best friends...

(Makayla Derrick and Kenzie 2002)

And sometimes we cry with our best friends.

("Little" Mackenzie and Mackay 2007)

And in the end, hopefully we will Marry our BEST FRIEND. :)

Aaron and me

Stacy and Ryan

Adam and Steph

Josh and Megan

Brett and Manda

Rob and Ashley

Jenn and Scott

Such a hard concept for a little boy with only ONE Friend.

March 27, 2010

My Brave Little Boy

We all know that turning 5 means you get to go to Kindergarten.
We also know that in order to go to Kindergarten you have to have SHOTS!!

Thursday night, Hayden said his prayers and prayed that he would "be brave when he went to the doctor tomorrow". After saying "amen", he asked if he could take his(gross, germ-infested, dirty) Blue Puppy, that he has slept with since he was a baby, to the doctors. I agreed, even offering to carry it in if he was feeling embarrassed.

Friday morning, 11 am, we arrived.
No tears, no arguments, - just me, Aaron, the blue puppy and my brave little boy.

He was 45 inches tall - 95 percentile.
He weighed 39 pounds - 20 percentile.
His eyes were 20/30 -normal.

Dr. Hornyk came in and chatted with him - he was more talkative then usual - Nerves, I guess. After hearing he passed and was ready for Kindergarten, he sat down on the floor and started putting his shoes and socks back on. Aaron and I were speaking to the doctor when Hayden, out of nowhere, said, "I got a feeling, we aren't in Kansas anymore." ... HUH???? We all tried not to laugh and embarrass him, but ... where the heck did that come from???

Then the nurse came in. Hayden sat on my lap, the Blue Puppy covered his face, and four pokes later, he was WISHING he was in Kansas.

Hard to tell from this picture, but he was happy to be done. His prayer was answered - He was so brave.
I was so proud of my Brave Little Boy - Off to Kindergarten in the fall.

March 25, 2010

"And in the end, it is not the years in life that matter, but the life in years."

In the 40's he arrived, the only son of Ruth and Earl.
In the 50's he started school,

and fell in love with the "neighbor girl".

In the 60's, he moved around, played his guitar, and joined a band.

Until it was time to serve the Lord, as a missionary in a foreign land.

In the 70's, that neighbor girl

...was his wife and he was glad.

He practiced law,

... bought a home, and four little girls called him "DAD."

In the 80's, his sons were born, but his father passed away.

He changed his job, packed a van and took all his girls across the USA.

In the 90's he did lots of fishing,

...paid for weddings,

...and wrote liquor laws.

He lost his mother,

...took Mom to England, and became know as the "Grandpa".

From 2000 to 2010, he enjoyed and endured a lot.
Bought Mom her dream home made of "providence" brick, and trimmed every tree on the lot.

He welcomed all his children, one by one, they moved back in.
His girls brought many grandkids, son got married, and one served a mission.

He was happy, he was content, ready to begin his "golden years".

But 2008 would be different, filled with heartache and many tears.

The "Love of his Life", the "neighbor girl" he loved so young,

Passed away and went to heaven, her earthly work was done.

He was lost, his heart was broken, he was sad, yet he was strong.

He spent time reflecting, being thankful, then realized he had to LIVE on...

He squared his shoulders, took a deep breath and with his children by his side.

He met a lady, got to know her, and asked her to be his bride.

So, you see he has been busy, especially this last little while.
But looking back on his life thus far, he can only stand and smile.

He learned, he served, he wed. He has GREAT posterity. :)

He has accomplished and done so much and he's only 63!!

Happy Birthday to this man - who leads and guides our family.
Have a Great Year and many many many many more....
Happy Birthday to YOU from ME.

Happy Birthday Dad!!