March 27, 2010

My Brave Little Boy

We all know that turning 5 means you get to go to Kindergarten.
We also know that in order to go to Kindergarten you have to have SHOTS!!

Thursday night, Hayden said his prayers and prayed that he would "be brave when he went to the doctor tomorrow". After saying "amen", he asked if he could take his(gross, germ-infested, dirty) Blue Puppy, that he has slept with since he was a baby, to the doctors. I agreed, even offering to carry it in if he was feeling embarrassed.

Friday morning, 11 am, we arrived.
No tears, no arguments, - just me, Aaron, the blue puppy and my brave little boy.

He was 45 inches tall - 95 percentile.
He weighed 39 pounds - 20 percentile.
His eyes were 20/30 -normal.

Dr. Hornyk came in and chatted with him - he was more talkative then usual - Nerves, I guess. After hearing he passed and was ready for Kindergarten, he sat down on the floor and started putting his shoes and socks back on. Aaron and I were speaking to the doctor when Hayden, out of nowhere, said, "I got a feeling, we aren't in Kansas anymore." ... HUH???? We all tried not to laugh and embarrass him, but ... where the heck did that come from???

Then the nurse came in. Hayden sat on my lap, the Blue Puppy covered his face, and four pokes later, he was WISHING he was in Kansas.

Hard to tell from this picture, but he was happy to be done. His prayer was answered - He was so brave.
I was so proud of my Brave Little Boy - Off to Kindergarten in the fall.


amanda said...

jane. au por hayden. tel him that i go to kindergarten and i got shots to.

Alyssa said...

95th percentile for height??? He is growing like crazy since the last time I saw him, I am sure!

I am glad the "shot" business is over. Now he can anxiously await the start of school. I cannot believe he will be a Kindergartener.

The "Kansas" comment is funny. For some reason I could picture Aaron saying that comment. Maybe that is where Hayden picked it up????

Happy Sunday!

amanda said...

Yay Haydee!! You did it. Those pictures are priceless. Poor guy!! I think it is almost more dramatic for us parents.

amanda said...

I think I meant "traumatic:)"

Shauna said...

Glad he made it through. That last picture, could there be a sadder face?