March 29, 2011

Kenzie's News Clip

Kenzie has been "Rocking Out" quite a bit lately.
Friday night - she got to sing with her uncle Adam at Vertical Diner.
She LOVED it!! Thanks Adam for sharing the stage with her.

She had to be at school early today. She was so excited, but gave little details about why she had to be there so early. After watching the news today - I now know.
Kenzie is shown a few times in the news clip. She and her two best friends, Madi and Audrey are standing together in the front. During the clip she is the girl that flips her hair back.
Before you hit the play button, look at the people. Kenzie is the one holding a paper in her hand with a big smile.
See if you can spot her....

March 24, 2011

Stand Tall

I wish I knew how to work a computer better, but I don't so this ended up being two different blog entries... duh!!!

If you like this video... read below and vote for it win!!

"Stand Tall" and Please Vote...

I have already told you about this darling group of girls that I got to meet when I lived in Pittsburgh... They are all grown up and are all doing amazing things.

Andi was a Beehive when I was her Young Women's president. She now lives in Mexico with her husband and is the Young Women's president in her ward. She is a photographer and more... (check out her business blog here). She is so talented and is putting her talents to good use...

You have all heard of "Mormon Messages", right? Andi entered a contest for a "Mormon Message". Her video was chosen as one of the Top 10. Now it is up to the public/us to vote on which one we like the best. They are all inspiring and worth watching. If you can and are willing ... take a second and watch Andi's video ...and vote. :) Her video shows what an awesome young woman she has turned out to be.

Way to Go, Andi!!!

1- Click on this link (or the word "contest" above).
2- Choose Amateur US/Canada Top 10
3- Watch "Stand Tall" and any others you want to watch.
4- Vote for your favorite

Easy as that!!! Thanks!!!
(Feel free to pass the word - voting is open for only two weeks)

March 21, 2011

March 14, 2011

Start Being Awesome!!!


This post is for anyone in my sweet little family who is feeling sad today!!

I want this in my family room!! I don't watch the show that the saying actually came from (How I Met Your Mother... I think) but when I read it, it made me happy and want to start being awesome.
My brothers have their own meaning for the word "Awesome", so of course I chuckled about that too.

Hope you all "start being awesome" today!!!
(- click photo on how to purchase.)