March 29, 2011

Kenzie's News Clip

Kenzie has been "Rocking Out" quite a bit lately.
Friday night - she got to sing with her uncle Adam at Vertical Diner.
She LOVED it!! Thanks Adam for sharing the stage with her.

She had to be at school early today. She was so excited, but gave little details about why she had to be there so early. After watching the news today - I now know.
Kenzie is shown a few times in the news clip. She and her two best friends, Madi and Audrey are standing together in the front. During the clip she is the girl that flips her hair back.
Before you hit the play button, look at the people. Kenzie is the one holding a paper in her hand with a big smile.
See if you can spot her....


Alyssa said...

I love that she is actively seeking opportunities to sing and share her talents. So brave!

mamamrowan said...

Hi Dawn! I am following your blog now. Your kids are amazing and adorable! I stole your "start being awesome sign" and posted it on my blog the other day -- it was so cute! I hope we can keep in better touch! LOVE ya!!

amanda said...

That is so cool!!! Next it will be her up on the stage performing. Way to go Kenz!!