December 14, 2010

11-14 & a Birthday Wish!!

Day 11- Go see the Nutcracker!

We went to the matinee on Saturday. After the first act, I asked if everyone wanted to stay or leave. We left. As we drove home, Hayden said, with a sad voice; "Now we'll never know how it ends." Both Aaron and Kenzie reassured him that "Mom will tell you how it ends. And, if your lucky, she might even SHOW you." Sarcasm... love it!

Day 12- Watch a New Christmas Movie!!

We bought Jim Carrey's "A Christmas Carol". We bundled up it the theater room with blankets and treats and tried to enjoy the creepiest Christmas movie made... Hayden hasn't slept in his own bed since. He won't go anywhere without a partner and panics if you leave him alone in a room. Christmas movies aren't supposed to be scary.

Day 13- Color in Christmas Coloring books.
Mackay, Hayden, and I colored. It was pretty low key.
After we colored we all got in the hot tub. I asked what their favorite activity on the chain has been thus far.... I listed several, naming the ones I thought were most fun, BOTH boys choose THE NUTCRACKER!!! Too funny!!! Kenzie liked the slippers best.

Day 14- Kenzie's 14th Birthday!!!
Today is Mackenzie's actual birthday!!!
She had her friend party on December 3rd. She wanted to have a sleep over with her 2 best friends, Madie and Audrey. They pampered themselves with face masks, a soak in the hot tub with a little "bubbly", and then watched movies late into the night.

Saturday morning, they finished the pampering party with Pedicures. I think they had fun. They are all cute and good girls. I couldn't ask for better friends for my teenage daughter.

Last night, she got to open 2 of her 3 presents. She got an outfit to wear to school and shoes to match (although she didn't wear them today). She left this morning looking darling, as usual.

I stayed up LATE (so she wouldn't see) making posters to put in the yard. Since her "party" was last week, I wanted to do something FUN to celebrate today. I was worried if I tied balloons to the posters they would fly away in our Draper wind, so I opted not to do balloons. I should have... She walked right past the posters this morning - missing her mother's artful work... :(

On a side note, her phone broke last night. I loved receiving text messages from friends wishing me a Happy Birthday. Aaron will look at her phone tonight to see what is wrong with it - but if you get a chance - feel free to leave her a Birthday wish here on the blog. She is no longer on Facebook, so I am sure she would love to read any comments you want to leave for her.

Dear Kenzie,
It is hard to believe that 14 years have passed since you joined our family. It was a Saturday morning at 9:15 am. All our family was at the hospital waiting for your arrival. (Some were there for many hours, in the waiting room, waiting and waiting and waiting...) I couldn't wait to have a little girl and to be a mom. In those 14 years, you make us smile, laugh, sometimes cry... but you have always made us proud. I love you and am so grateful I get to be your mom.
Happy Birthday Kenz!!!!
Love, Mom


Alyssa said...

Happy Birthday Kenzie. My favorite birthday memory of you is when you hosted a "princess" birthday party and invited Ashlyn (2003?). I believe you dressed as "Mulan" and I know I dressed Ashlyn as Snow White. She thought you were the "coolest" friend in the world and felt so loved to be a part of your birthday hoopla. It is hard to see you growing up so fast. Hope your 14th bday was amazing. Wishing you a memorable and remarkable year until the next bday. We have a little something for you....

amanda said...

Happy Happy Birthday Kenzie!!! Looks like she had a fun and pampered party. Every girls needs a little pampering:) You are too cute!!

Debbie said...

Kenzie, You are a beautiul, talented, kind girl and just starting the FUN years. Happy Birthday!

Shauna said...

Happy Birthday to Kenzie. Cute toes! We were going to watch "A Christmas Carol" maybe we won't.

janhans said...

I'm going to wish Kenzie Happy Birthday one more time!!We were texting, in fact when I sent the 1st text you didn't even know that it was from your crazy g-ma Janice! I was thinking that you were going for a special dinner..Looks like you and your friends had a great time in the hot tub, with Martinellis apple cider, and a pedicure is always so enjoyable and relaxing. love all the cute toes! G-ma can hardly believe that you are 14 yrs. old already. Like Debbie said, you are just beginning the Fun yrs. You are such a lovely,sweet granddaughter. P.S. Make-up shopping toghter was a blast!!