December 10, 2010

Chain Count Down continued

Day 7 - Drive to the North Pole
La Caille becomes the "Utah North Pole" each year.
It is beautifully lit and magical to the kids and the adults in the car...

Day 8- Christmas Bingo

Day 9- Drink Hot Chocolate & Read Christmas Books

Day 10- Go See the Temple Lights

The night began with RAIN. We hesitated for just a moment about whether or not we should still go... but the rain didn't stop us. Actually the rain stopped once we got downtown :)

Tanner's Eagle Project is to deliver donated Winter Wear to the Road Home. We began the night visiting those he who will receive the coats. A quick photo of ALL the scouts in the family (at least those who were there).

Then off to catch Trax... "Is this the train that goes downtown?" We all laugh at Mom for saying it, but we found a few of us asking the same question. This kids loved standing up on the ride.

Once we arrived to Temple Square we hooked up with Adam and Steph. Then we were off to look at the lights. There are a lot of lights and there was a lot of people... in our group that is. We did a lot of wandering and a lot waiting for someone else to decide where we should go next.

It really didn't matter where we went next, we enjoyed strolling the temple grounds together -
brothers and sisters,


husbands and wives,

sons and daughters

families -

an eternal family BECAUSE of the Temple.

We warmed up in the Tabernacle while listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the recorded version ;) and trying to decide where we would ALL dine.

Crown Burger for some (sorry Adam and Steph) and Up Chuck (a-rama) for others.
We giggled a lot. We looked in awe at the beauty of the lights. And we enjoyed the sweet spirit of being at the Temple at Christmas time, a time to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

I am so glad we went.


Shauna said...

Crazy, was that Friday? We had planned to go to the Road Home shelter to deliver some things as a family with our cousins and then go see Temple lights. We decided on another night because of the rain. Funny. That is good that it let up.

amanda said...

As always, sad I missed it. I love seeing all the pictures though.

Dawn said...

YOU are the reason I post SO MANY PICTURES!!! Wish you were here with us. I hated missing things when we lived so far away but was always so glad when Mom sent pictures.