October 28, 2012

Kenz First Date

Kenzie went to Alta High's 
Halloween Dance 
with Tanner Hunt.
After going to Corn Belly's?? & carving pumpkins, 
she dressed as a Leopard and Tanner was a man from the Jungle 
(waiting for pictures of them in their costumes).
They ate Pizza in their car because the line for The Pie was too long (Utah Football Game).
After the Dance her group went to a Haunted House.  
Since Kenzie had a curfew, she and Tanner went to a movie. 
My brother Josh (thank you Josh for being cooler then me) 
pick them up half way thru to be sure she was home on time.  
Although she had fun - 
she doesn't think dating is all it's cracked up to be.  
(Whose daughter is she again?) 
She sure looks pretty with her gorgeous new smile!!

October 27, 2012

Kenz's Halloween Dance

Kenz went to the Halloween Dance with Tanner Hunt.


October 23, 2012

Kenzie's Smile

After almost 8 years of Braces... Look who's got a GORGEOUS SMILE!!
You made it Kenz and they are beautiful - just like YOU!! 

October 20, 2012

Turning 40!!

Birthday Celebrations!!
Sunday, Oct 7th ~ Party at Dad's
Dad hosted dinner & went all out with decorations & familiar dishes.
Then to my surprise, my family broke the rules & gave gifts. 
My sisters had several of MY favorite things wrapped in a bag.  The bag also included a list of some THEIR favorite things about me - which was MY FAVORITE thing in the bag.  

My dad's gift was very special too. 
In January 2008, Mom stayed with my kids while Aaron & I vacationed.  We thanked her with a Lladro to add to her collection.  She put it in her curio next to her other Lladro Ballerinas.  
After she passed away, I hoped that one day, I could have it.
Dad wrapped it up and gave it to me.  Needless to say my feelings of gratitude came flooding out my eyes.  I was surprised and so thankful.  

Aaron's gift came in the form of a VACATION!!
Sunday, Oct 14th ~ Cabo
We stayed at Villa Del Arco Resort & Spa.

Monday, Oct 15th ~ Rain

Tuesday, Oct 16th ~ Hurricane Paul

Wednesday Oct 17th ~ Walked into Town

Thursday Oct 18th ~ Scuba Diving for Aaron

(I stayed by the pool :) )

Friday Oct 19th ~ Aaron rents a Wave Runner

Saturday Oct 20th ~ Home

It couldn't have been a better birthday!!
Thank you to all my family for making my 40th special!!  
I am so blessed.

October 4, 2012

Mazie Virginia Dorius

Saturday, September 29, 2012 at 6:31 pm
Adam & Stephanie Dorius 
became parents to:
Mazie Virginia Dorius
7 pounds 9 ounces ~ 20 1/2 inches long.

Steph did it ALL NATURAL!!!  
No drugs, pain killers, or epidural.  
She is one strong and brave momma!
Mazie is absolutely gorgeous!!
She shares her mom's big eyes and red heart-shaped lips.
She is named after Stephanie's great grandma, Mazie and great aunt, Virginia.
With them living in Washington DC 
and the rest of us (except for Manda) in Utah, 
our only way to see Mazie was thru FaceTime!  
As much as I hate not being there to 
hold, rock, and snuggle that baby 
as well as help with
dinners, laundry, & anything else Adam & Steph might need - 
I am very grateful for FaceTime.

 These are MY FAVORITES!!

I love babies!!  
I love my family.   
I love to be apart of these special times.  
So, my heart ached as I wanted to be near my brother and his sweet wife.  
Not necessarily to be "at the door", waiting to hear Mazie's first cry
  (although I would have loved that)
I mainly wanted them to know how excited I was for them.  
I wanted to see Adam come out with his wrapped up little "gift from heaven".  
I wanted to hug Stephanie, congratulate her, and reassure her that she is going to be a wonderful mom. 
I wanted to to be close to where my mom promised she'd be.  
But, most of all, I wanted my mom to be there ... for Adam.  

As I sat pondering the miracle that had just taken place, 
I cried.  
I cried tears of JOY and tears of heartache.  
I was grumpy that my mom wasn't allowed to stay on earth.
 That she wasn't here to witness this wonderful event.  
And then I received a text from my sister Amanda.  
It said: 
"Funny, the only one that got to be there was Mom."

How grateful I am for my testimony 
and the knowledge I have of eternal families.  
I know Mazie spent time with my mom before coming to earth.  
And I know that even though no one can see her, 
Mom is there.  
She was there for her little boy 
as he became a dad 
and was part of this special day.  
Congratulations Adam & Stephanie!
I am so happy for you both. 
(& can't wait to get my  hands on my little Mazie)