July 3, 2012

Stephanie's Baby Shower

Adam & Stephanie are going to have a baby girl in September!!  
We are so excited for them!!  
Since they were coming to Utah for a bit we decided to throw them a Baby Shower.

Letter written explaining the blanket from Mom:

Dear Adam & Stephanie,
  I am so excited for you & can’t wait to meet your little girl.  You will be wonderful parents.  Mom LOVED babies too.  She was always so excited when we would announce we were going to have a little one.  She bought little outfits and shared advice.  She made quilts and blankets & she was so happy for us.  Knowing she wouldn’t be here when you had your children broke her heart.  
When Mom got sick, I prayed for a miracle.  But I also prayed to know what I was supposed to do each day, for Mom, my siblings, my children, and myself.  I made a promise that I would always “listen” and hopefully recognize the spirit’s promptings and DO what I felt prompted to do.  

Time was not on our side.  I tried to ask Mom the questions that I thought we might someday have.  I tried to have photos taken, letters written, and voice recordings done.  I wanted to savor my time with my mom and capture everything I could to help me and my kids remember her.

When Mom was diagnosed she was serving at Compassionate Service Leader.  There were many ladies in her ward that were having babies.  Mom had learned to stitch the edges of receiving blankets while watching TV with Dad.  She would then deliver the blankets to the new mothers in the ward with a dinner she had made.  One day, she asked me if I would help her wrap the blankets she had sewn and drop them off at the Relief Society Presidents home.  She was too weak to continue doing her calling.  I did what she asked.
A few weeks later, I woke up in the middle of the night on a Sunday morning.  I had a strong feeling & KNEW, without a doubt, it came from heaven.  I woke up thinking that Mom had made each of our babies a blanket when they were born.  My brothers have not yet had their children & Mom won’t be here when they do, so their babies won’t have a special blanket.  And then I remembered the blankets I had wrapped and delivered.  Once the sun came up, I made the calls and RAN to get the blankets.  I would save them until this day, a day when you would you would have your own baby.  

I was afraid to tell Mom..  If I told her that I thought she would die then maybe she would.  So I didn’t tell her.  The Relief Society President didn’t agree with my decision to take the blankets, as strange as that sounds.  I began to doubt the feelings and promptings that I was so SURE I recognized.  While sitting at Mom’s feet several days later, I felt I needed to tell her what I had done.
I began to cry as I told her about my prayers and the promise I had made to Heavenly Father.  I then told her that I had the blankets.  She smiled and then she cried.  She was so happy and so sad.  She hugged me and thanked me for listening to the promptings and for acting on them even if others doubted me.  She then said laughing and in selfless “Mom” way, “maybe my hand can make a few more and we can give them to the Relief Society President so she isn’t mad at you.”  She tried to make a few more but her hand wouldn’t work because of the tumor.  She asked some of her Quilting Club friends to finish them for her. 
I have the blankets MOM made.  SHE sewed them.  She didn’t know how special these blankets would become and how much they would mean to us when she stitched them.  But once she knew that you would receive them, she was so happy.
She wanted you to be happy.  She wanted nothing but the best for you.  She would have done anything for you... as you know “you are her miracle” baby.   I know that she is aware of you and Stephanie.  She knows you are about to welcome a beautiful little girl into your life.  I wish she was here to see all you have done and all you are both doing.  I wish we could see her face and her excitement but I know she is happy and watching over you.  
I hope you will wrap your little girl in this blanket often and it will remind you of Mom and how much she loved you.  We love you Adam and Stephanie. Love, Dawn
 Mom and Adam July 18, 1986           Mom and Adam July 6, 2008

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