January 22, 2017

Maui for Aaron's 43rd Birthday

Friday January 13th.  
We flew out and arrived late but got settled at our normal spot Honua Kai Resort

Saturday January 14th
We roamed Front Street.
I bought a sun hat and then sat at the beach until it was time to watch the two football games.

Sunday January 15th 
Aaron's ACTUAL Birthday! 
We celebrated with a scuba dive of the shore for Aaron (I stayed on the beach of course), 

then at lunch at Dukes and enjoyed Hula Pie!
Then we ended the day with Amigos ceviche watching our Steelers!

Monday January 16th 
Aaron scuba dived at Black Rock while I enjoyed some time at the pool. 
After lunch at Dukes (with a gross lizard on the wall above my head) 

we headed to shop Front Street and at dinner at Kimos - YUM!

Aaron always manages to find the Maui Jim sunglass shop... we stay for what feels like HOUUUUURS!

Tuesday January 17th 
we drove around the neighborhoods and dreamed of living in paradise.  
But the tiny beach front houses were waaay more then we are willing to pay.  

We shopped the cannery and then Front Street again but only for a bit.  
A huge cruise ship came to port and made it impossible to roam.
We ate at Lahaina Pizza Co, got ice cream and headed out of the crowded town.  

I didn't feel so hot so I sat in a bath for over an hour 
and we at left overs for dinner.  
Then went out to the beach to watch the sun set.

Sounds boring but it was heavenly.

Wednesday January 18th
we sat at the pool MOST of the day.  Aaron loves his visor but the kids don't.  

We dined at Dukes for lunch 

that view....

Then we went to Lahaina Fish Co for dinner.  
They always treat Aaron with a birthday card and yummy yummy deserts!


Thursday January 19th 
Aaron went scuba diving with Brian of the shore.  
He joined me at the pool and we relaxed most of the day.  
We went to Whalers Village for dinner at Leilani's.

It was our last day and we were sad.

Friday January 20th 
we laid at the beach all morning then did laundry and packed up to head into town to catch our flight.  It's tradition to eat at IHOP before we fly home.  As much as I make fun of Aaron for wanting it, it actually isn't as gross as I always say it is... ha ha

This was the first time Aaron booked FIRST CLASS for our flight home.  It was AWESOME!!  
we both slept a lot of the time and didn't feel like we had been hit by a truck when we arrived.  I felt so grown up to be sitting in first class.  
The mean joke arrived when we got off the plane and was welcomed home with a BLIZZARD
 :(  so rude.

Kenz stayed with the boys and they spent almost as much money as we did 
but at least they survived and had fun.  

I love our traditions!  Especially this January Birthday trip. I am a lucky lucky girl.