October 18, 2015


Washington DC for Fall Break
Wednesday Oct 14th
we dropped Molly & all her meds off at Grandpa Earl's
We dropped Daisy off at Home Sweet Kennel and started to cry.  Thirty minutes later we picked her up and dropped her off at Jenn's house - relieved that she didn't have to spend the weekend in the grossest and saddest place on the planet. 
Then we got on a flight and flew to Washington DC for the long weekend.

Day 1 - October 15th
We booked tickets for the OLD TOWN TROLLEY for 2 days.  Well worth the money.
We started at Ford's Theater but they had a show and required tickets.  
So we booked for Saturday morning.  
We saw the Peterson House, 
then walked to the National Archives. 

Waiting for Trolley 

We saw 
Washington Monument

Loved watching Kenz boss her brothers around... 
Mackay is taking the picture while Hayden holds the purse.  
She has them trained well.

Lincoln Memorial

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Korean War Memorial

World War II Memorial

We ended the day at the Holocaust Memorial Museum 

Day 2 - October 16th
We started the day at Arlington Cemetery
John F Kennedy's grave

Robert Kennedy's grave

 The Tomb of the Unknowns

Iwo Jima Memorial

My favorite part of the Trolley Tour is Embassy Row... so we sat and enjoyed that ride.  
We ended our tour at the Spy Museum -not sure we'd do this one again.

We met Adam and Steph, Mazie and Julian for dinner
And since Mazie's birthday present never made it to their house... 
we had a birthday party at dinner.

We roamed the National Gallery of Art with Adam and Steph 
and then headed home for the night.

Day 3 - October 17th
We had to document that Kenz sat by a stranger on the Metro into the city.

Ford's Theater

Adam and Steph met us at the Museum of American History

And we ate lunch at the Indian Museum???

Then finished DC with the Air and Space Museum
Aaron and Hayden loved this museum 
and the rest of us were just happy to play with Mazie and Julian.  
It was a fight at to who got to hold who.

Steph and Adam allowed us to maul and mug on their kids.  
We were in seventh heaven.
Watching Adam with his kids is ADORABLE!!  
I SOOOOOOO wish my mom was here to see him and to know his kiddies. 

Sadly we parted ways with Adam and Steph and yes I shed a few tears... I am not good at goodbyes.

Aaron took us all to a seafood restaurant, Fish Market, for dinner 
and even though it was chilly out... 
we stopped for Ice Cream to celebrate my 43 birthday... 

We flew home on Sunday morning, October 18th 
on an early flight

We were all BEAT!!
I got really sick with a cough and cold.
So we lounged around and watched football in between naps and laundry.