February 29, 2012

It was a GREAT Day!

Yesterday was Mom's Birthday.
We missed her but had a GREAT DAY!!
*Lunch at Biaggis with Dad & Siblings
(sorry so small - phone photos)
We talked about normal every day stuff most of the lunch, but as we were getting ready to leave the conversation turned to Mom.
We giggled remembering how she used to hum when she waved at people,
cried remembering how strong she was when she knew she would have to leave us,
shared the hope that she was spending time loving, teaching, and playing with the new little baby that is causing Adam and especially Stephanie so much grief :),
and expressed gratitude for the things she taught us and that she was our mom.

*I planned to put Red Tulips at the cemetery but it snowed... ick... rethought this one. Decided to keep your tulips on my countertop and enjoy them a few more days. :)

*Spaghetti (Mom's favorite dinner) & Dessert (a must!!) with Kids
Instead of Cake we had a Big Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake.
When I told Hayden we were having spaghetti for dinner , because it was Grandma Kathy's favorite, he responded with "Not Toast?". I had to explain that Grandma loved to make Cinnamon Toast for the kids but HER favorite was spaghetti. I hate that Hayden only remembers the memories I feed him. (More on the another time.)

*Balloons and Heaven Sent Messages to end the night.

Sending birthday messages to heaven is a tradition we started on her birthday in 2009. My kids and I, and even Aaron, look forward to it. Although they are getting older and sometimes say "I wonder where these balloons REALLY end up." They still put thought into their message. They miss her in their own little way.

Although our thoughts were of Mom ALL DAY LONG, there were more smiles than tears. We laughed more than we cried. We've come a long way and we are happy.
It was a Great day.

Past thoughts on Mom's Birthdays

February 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom...

Happy Birthday Mom!!
Missing you ... always ... but HAPPY when remembering.

Birthday Plans:
*Lunch with Dad & Siblings
*Planned to put Red Tulips at the cemetery but it snowed... ick... rethinking this one. Might have to keep your tulips on my countertop and enjoy them a few more days. :)
*Spaghetti & Dessert (a must!!) with Kids
*Balloons and Heaven Sent Messages to end the night.
Should be a Great day.

February 20, 2012

Sing Away Kenz! Sing Away

Everyone's taste in music is different... I love that Kenz sings a little of this and a little of that...
These are 2 of my favorite songs on the radio - every time they come on, my kids say... "Mom likes this song" because I always say "I like this song" just so they won't change it... I love getting teased and made fun of... :)

This is her most recent recording. I like this song - but I don't love that Kenz decided not to change the swear word when she recorded this... We've talked about it often... oh well ...

While in Indiana last November (for Jane's Baptism) Kenzie performed at her YW in Excellence night with our neighbor Candace Cheney. Such unique voices on these girls.

Who doesn't love Rascal Flatts?? I love them. I think it is cute that Kenz turns sideways but still flirts with the camera... She is such a funny thing.

Sing away Kenz!! Sing away!!