April 1, 2016

Jenn's House Before and Afters



Living Room AFTER
Her New Hardwood Floors are to die for!!

 My hope was that this room would be BRIGHT HAPPY and tell the story of the Allens. 

I have always loved Scott's red cycling artwork.  I was hidden in the office.
The Rooster was a gift to Grandma Kathy. 
After she passed away, they hung it in their dining nook. 
Jessie's pictures from Norway look like postcards!  So we framed one of hers.
click HERE to see more of Jessica's Mission. 
Tanner's Artwork hangs in the lower right corner.
click HERE to see and purchase some of Tanner's work.
And of course we framed pictures of the 3 kids in black and white.

Scott found a really cool chandelier for the entry from Amazon and putt in himself.  
I am grateful I wasn't there at the bottom of the ladder on this day. 

Scott's Cycling Career provide some awesome little corners in the house.
I love the simplicity of all the Porcupine Grill Race Trophies.

One more Before and After 


Formal Dining AFTER
These pictures don't do it justice.
We moved the piano to a bigger wall in this room.
The oak curio took its spot.  
We kept this room really simple as to not detract from the busy living room and entry.
It is classy and calm.
We added new sheer curtains and redecorated the curio to bring in the green.

Side by Side - Before and After

before and after


Family Room AFTER
I need to go back and take better and more pictures... :(
We simplified the mantle. Added light curtains.  
We took away a love seat and added the leather chair 
(originally in the living room) and a side table

Before and Afters


Dining Nook AFTER
We lightened curtains.  Changed Mirrors. Added Simple Accessories and New Rugs.


Office AFTER
we decided this is where all of Scott and Sam's cycling trophies would go.  
This room is more of a hang out spot when someone is on the computer 
so we wanted it cozy but still nice.
I love how it turned out.
I hope Scott's Points LEADER Jersey catches people eye 
as they come to their home and they go into this den.  
It has some really cool things to see. 

Of Course we have a few family photos in there as well. 

 Before and After


Basement AFTER
It was a big change on the main floor and although Jenn was thrilled she still loves the bright reds and yellows and wanted to still use the fun florals and bright decor in the basement.
Most of her main floor decor came down.
The game room part of the basement became a gallery. 
 Old and New Photos are always fun to look at.  
We have even added more since I took this picture.

These chairs were originally in their den.
Lots of puzzles, games, and willow trees. ;)

Before and Afters

Basement Hallway - AFTER


Master Bedroom AFTER
Bedrooms should be cozy so we went with darker accents.
White Bedding to brighten the space but dark chocolate brown curtains and accessories.
This room is huge!!
It was hard to get good pictures because of the natural light through the windows 
but it all turned out cozy!  
Just what we wanted.

We knew their gigantic wall needed BIG artwork but we didn't want to spend a ton of money.
I found these canvases at Michaels during their 70% off sale and paid $12 for each.
Scott turned them in to abstract art!  
He used the new throw pillows as inspiration.  
I love it when an idea works out!!

Side by Side Before and Afters

Master Bathroom AFTER


Guest Bathroom AFTER

The best part of this was that I got to hang out with my sister for almost a FULL WEEK!!  
Each morning I couldn't wait to gather my stuff & ideas and run over there.  
It was so much fun!!  
And... we didn't break the bank.
Thanks Jenn and Scott for letting me hang out with you and re-vamp you house.