January 31, 2011

Same Crap Different Day

When someone in my family is sad... it makes me sad.
Hang in there & know we are all praying for each other!!!
(without reading the caption....who does this make you think of?
It makes me think of her too...
I hope it makes you giggle for a second today...)

January 27, 2011

Advice from a Wise Young Woman

While in Pittsburgh (2000-2004), I was called to be the Young Women's President - (I know, I know, slim pickins I guess). I LOVED the calling. It gave me something that was MINE. We were in Pittsburgh for Aaron (Dental School). So, I threw myself into my calling and found it was an answer to my prayers. I LOVED the girls. They were beautiful on the INSIDE and the OUT!! They taught me way more then I taught them. I definitely got the better end of the bargain. They have become amazing women and I am so proud of them.
(some of the YM & YW - I am hiding in the back left, very pregnant and sporting braces...Kenz is running in the parking lot... so little and so cute)
Our Bishop was Bishop George Bradley. He is the father of five gorgeous girls. I had the privilege of working with four of his five. Recently, I found them all on facebook and a few have blogs. - Patty and Julie. YES, I admit it - I AM A BLOG STALKER!!

*Kristina was the oldest... I never got to work with her.
*Victoria was tall, gorgeous, very independent, and questioned many things. She loved to learn. She is now an editor for four different magazines in Pittsburgh.
*Patty was more spunky - musically talented, always cut her hair short and wore high heels & fancy coats. She was funny!! - She always had us giggling with her humor.
*Julie was sporty & simple. She was tall with long dark hair, and was a talented artist. She ended up serving a mission.
*Andi was a beehive - assertive and absolutely darling. She loved to play with Kenzie. She was the youngest and was trying to find herself amidst the other beauties in her family. She is now her wards Young Women's President. :)
(Kristina, Patty, Julie, Victoria, Andi)
Anyway, I wanted details... when did they get married, where are they now, how many kids, etc... So I started reading their blogs and looking at their cute photos. A few years ago, Patty was celebrating her third anniversary. She blogged about a few things she had learned in her three years of marriage. She put it so simply - Her Top 10. I loved what she wrote and thought we could all learn a little about what works best a marriage...

10 Things I've Learned in 3 Years of Marriage

10. Watching a really lame TV show about the engineering behind building a bridge and not complaining means a lot to my husband. It's the time spent together.

9. The words, "What can I do for you?" can make a marriage last forever.

8. Go to bed at the same time- even if one of you is sick and wants to go to bed at 8:00. Just do it.

7. Be united- but keep your individuality. Ken likes to golf and I like to swim. No harm there.

6. Listen to the whole idea or story before jumping to conclusions or solutions. I've learned to start by saying, "Hear me out." Then I know I can get all my ideas out there and we can really talk about it.

5. There isn't an answer to every problem.

4. You have to talk to each other everyday even when there is not that much to say. Even when today was exactly the same as yesterday. Even when you'd rather not. You just have to.

3. Teasing each other is fun and keeps the fire burning and all but can turn bad... really fast.

2. Date nights work. Even when date night means turning off our cell phones and playing Scrabble together. It still counts.

1. Love is free.

See why I say - I learned so much more from them then they did from me.... Wise Ladies, they are!! Okay -back to stalking their blogs.... Go kiss your husbands, sit and watch their boring shows, and then see if they want to chat!! Happy Marriage to you all.... XOXOX :)

January 25, 2011

His Tiny Tooth Tumbles

I took Hayden for pizza - his request. While eating he said, "this pizza is hurting teeth." I inspected and informed him that he had a loose tooth. He couldn't concentrate on ANYTHING else the rest of the day. I found him several times in deep thought... Some of his comments:

"Mom, I don't know how to make a paper wad."
"Paper Wad" is his kindergarten teacher's term for a wad of tissue shoved in the empty space to help stop the bleeding.

"Mom, I don't like blood. It makes me sick. Is it going to bleed?"

"Mom, I need to call Tobe to ask him how it is going to feel when it falls out."
He then called Tobe and asked his question. I kept asking Hayden if Tobe had hung up, because Hayden wasn't talking. He would whisper "No, Tobe's talking." This happened several times. For those who know Tobe, you will understand that Tobe loves to talk. :)

(12:00 ish) he came home from school and couldn't eat his spaghetti o's... just too hard huh?? He went into the bathroom to inspect. He came with a "paper wad" in his mouth and his TEENY TINY TOOTH in his fingers. I turned to look and the tooth tumbled to the carpet... We searched and searched and finally gave up.
He called his dad immediately;
"Dad, GOOD NEWS!! I lost my tooth. I didn't even get sick with the blood."
I took his picture just now (4:28 pm) and came down to blog - there was the tiny tooth.
The tooth fairy can visit tonight!!
My kids are growing up.... I don't know how I feel about this....

January 23, 2011

A Birthday Boy (& his wife) on a Boat!!

Disclaimer - A photo travel log....
Friday - We said Goodbye to our kids and left them with Josh and Megan and their boys.
Our kids couldn't wait for us to leave.
We had a lay-over in Houston.
While we were eating lunch, a cute couple sat at the table right next to us. I recognized them from Dancing with the Stars. I tried to take their picture without them knowing... Aaron laughed at me... as we got up to leave, without warning Aaron asked if he could take their picture, explaining that his "wife would love to have a photo" with them. I was totally unprepared as to what to say and wondered if I had food in my teeth...
Her name is Anna & I can't remember his name - he danced with and dropped Marie Osmond and she danced with Kurt Warner and Evan L (the ice skater).
It was totally cool!!
We arrived in Fort Lauderdale late Friday night and staying in a hotel.

Saturday was Aaron's ACTUAL Birthday.
We got on our ship - The Eurodam on Holland America.
(Our ship ... Aaron on our balcony...)
(Our room and our Bathroom -note a standing shower AND a jetted tub -
NEVER have I seen a tub on a cruise ship. I was impressed!)
After exploring the ship, we went to dinner.
They brought Aaron his very own birthday cake
(he asked them not to sing, so they didn't...).

Sunday was a Sea Day and a formal night. We sat in the sun a little too long.

Monday - Grand Turks. We took a bus tour of the 7 mile island.
Beautiful Beach but not a lot there.
(on the pier)
(In front of the most popular and oldest churches on the island...
After learning we were from Utah, a man on the bus asked if Mormon missionaries were on the island.
I was wondering the same thing??? Didn't see any missionaries or churches???)
(Aaron taking pictures for other couples - He is such a nice guy...)

Tuesday - Old San Juan Puerto Rico. Again we took a bus town of the city.
(shopping down town Old San Juan)
(A Pirate ship on the pier that has been used in many movies)
We visited a Fort that was used buy the Spanish soldiers to keep the pirates out.
(Aaron on top of the fort looking out where cannons shot at their enemy)
(standing a top the fort - the view from the fort of the city)
(These were EVERYWHERE!! Ick!!!)

Wednesday - A Beach Day in St. Thomas!!!
Just what I like.
We decided to go to Emerald Bay instead of Meagan's Bay.
There were 7 ships at port so it was CROWDED!!
We went into the city for about 1/2 hour but didn't need anything (except these GROSS LIZARDS) and didn't want to fight the crowds.
We had to be back on the ship early to set sail.
After dinner, we found the theater and watched EAT PRAY LOVE (Aaron took one for the team).

Thursday - Sea Day.
I laid in the Sun while Aaron roamed and read his book. He was tired of the sun.
Again, we found the theater room and watched Wall Street - Money Never Sleeps (this time I took one for the time - fair is fair).

Friday - Half Moon Cay (a private island owned by Holland America).
This place was HEAVENLY!!!!
It was a little windy which made a fun ride on the tender to get us from the ship to the island.
The water was perfectly CLEAR! Aaron LOVES the water!! I love looking at the water from my nice clean lounge chair... I did get in... Just not as much as Aaron.
The sand was like powder!
It was so relaxing!!
We had an island BBQ for lunch and then headed back to the ship.

Saturday started early and was spent in the Houston and Denver airports until arriving home to Utah after 9 pm. It made for a long day when you factor in the different time zones we enjoyed all week..... :(

We had a great time!!
Ate too much but what are vacations for???
We slept in and even took naps!! We did lots of cross word puzzles and lots of reading. We got dressed up in the evenings and spent our days in swimming suits. It was PERFECT!!
We love traveling together!!
I was happy to see my kids again but LOVE spending time with my sweet husband.
Happy Birthday, Birthday Boy!!!

January 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Aaron!!!

It is a day early but I won't have access to my computer tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Aaron's Birthday!!!
I am a very lucky girl!!

I am LUCKY not only because:
*He is totally handsome and incredibly kind
*He is smart and clever
*He can fix anything I break or Kenzie breaks
*He is generous not only with me and our kids but to his family and mine
*He makes me feel beautiful and comments on my outfits, hair, and lipstick
*He is patient
*He loves playing with our boys
*He has nicknames and voices for kids
*He loves my brothers and sisters and enjoys family parties.
*He enjoys traveling with my dad & freezing while trying to ice fish.
*He adored my mother and misses her almost as much as I do.
*He always respects me and supports my ideas
*He will make things happen when I don't know how
*He can fix my car
*He takes me on a date every Thursday night
*He teaches our kids to respect those around them and to be polite
*He fulfills his callings even when he has the Flu and spends the rest of the day throwing up
*He doesn't mind pausing the movie to explain it to me
*He expects me to do my best and brings the best out of me
*He loves me even when I don't love myself

Those are not the ONLY reasons I am a lucky girl!

I am a LUCKY GIRL because he always takes ME out of snowy Utah...
...and someplace sunny and warm on HIS birthday.
I think, maybe he will get LUCKY for HIS birthday ... :)

Happy Birthday Babe!