January 25, 2011

His Tiny Tooth Tumbles

I took Hayden for pizza - his request. While eating he said, "this pizza is hurting teeth." I inspected and informed him that he had a loose tooth. He couldn't concentrate on ANYTHING else the rest of the day. I found him several times in deep thought... Some of his comments:

"Mom, I don't know how to make a paper wad."
"Paper Wad" is his kindergarten teacher's term for a wad of tissue shoved in the empty space to help stop the bleeding.

"Mom, I don't like blood. It makes me sick. Is it going to bleed?"

"Mom, I need to call Tobe to ask him how it is going to feel when it falls out."
He then called Tobe and asked his question. I kept asking Hayden if Tobe had hung up, because Hayden wasn't talking. He would whisper "No, Tobe's talking." This happened several times. For those who know Tobe, you will understand that Tobe loves to talk. :)

(12:00 ish) he came home from school and couldn't eat his spaghetti o's... just too hard huh?? He went into the bathroom to inspect. He came with a "paper wad" in his mouth and his TEENY TINY TOOTH in his fingers. I turned to look and the tooth tumbled to the carpet... We searched and searched and finally gave up.
He called his dad immediately;
"Dad, GOOD NEWS!! I lost my tooth. I didn't even get sick with the blood."
I took his picture just now (4:28 pm) and came down to blog - there was the tiny tooth.
The tooth fairy can visit tonight!!
My kids are growing up.... I don't know how I feel about this....


Alyssa said...

Awesome! Ashlyn lost a tooth once while at home in the care of a babysitter. They had been eating dry ramen noodles and popcorn. The tooth went flying and landed on the floor along with all of the ramen/popcorn crumbs. We spent forever trying to locate a small white tooth among the other similar "white crumbs" all over the carpet. Took forever but we finally found it. Glad you found Haydens. He is growing up fast!

amanda said...

Holy Cow did Tobe talk. And he didn't stop talking. Poor Haydee. I kept telling Tobe to let Haydee talk but he hasn't quite figured out phone etiquette:) Way to go Haydee!! We are so proud of you:)

Shauna said...

What a cute toothless boy. I love how concerned he was about the blood and wanted you to make him a paper wad. Funny.