April 30, 2013

Just the Beginning...

Kenz has been given an AWESOME opportunity.
She is chasing her dreams ...
and we have this guy to Thank!!
Click HERE to watch Kyle Khou in action.
Kenz heads into the studio for the FIRST TIME EVER!!
Click HERE to see the studio.
Kenz made herself right at home.
As she sang, Kyle talked her through it all.  
He is SO good to her and puts her at ease.  
Unfortunately, I am quick to point out flaws - Kyle is the complete opposite.  
He fixes the problems and reminds her of all she is doing RIGHT!!  He made her feel like this is something she REALLY CAN DO!!  Thank you Kyle! ;)

David Dub Dee Devaney can do it ALL!! Amazing!
Click HERE to learn more about him.

This is just the beginning my dear,  
I'm proud of you Kenz!

April 20, 2013

Mackay Certifies in Scuba

The 11 year old scouts spent Friday and Saturday down deep in the Crater in Midway.
I was so proud of Mackay.
He did great and is now CERTIFIED!!
I am so glad - now Aaron will have someone to dive with when we go to Hawaii in June!!

Sitting in the Crater waiting to go down...

descending ...

Mackay is next to the guy with all the bubbles... hanging on for dear life... hee hee

Proving he can remove his mask, clear it and put it back on. :)

Thank you to Bro. Curtis DeYoung for taking such great care of these boys!!  
They are lucky to have him as their Scout Leader!

April 14, 2013

Lamb Chops

Aaron decided to grow a goatee for a week.  I HATED IT!!  It was so scratchy!  He looks so much better without facial hair.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of the full "arm pit on his chin" as my mother would say.  He told me he was shaving it off and I was THRILLED... until he came out looking like this!!

 Kenz loves to make wise cracks with her dad... It was a riot listening to them banter.  
He cracks us all up.... 

He shaved it all off after this photo - thank heavens!!