November 27, 2012

Kenz sings with Grandpa

Kenz was asked to sing at our Christmas Relief Society Night.
She asked Grandpa Earl to sing with her.
I think they did a fabulous job.
Thank You Grandpa for singing with her.
Thank You Jenn for coming to watch and support my daughter.
It was a "Joyful" moment for me.  I was a proud mom, daughter, and sister this night. 

November 22, 2012


My computer is acting up... For Pictures of Mackay's Birthday click HERE 

November 12, 2012

Mackay turns 11

 Friend Party at Airborne Trampoline Arena (again)
 Family Party at home.  Mackay shares a birthday with Josh & Jane!
And OF COURSE he was sicker then a dog on his ACTUAL birthday!
Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!  Stay as sweet as you are right now and know that I love you!

November 2, 2012

Halloween Week

On Sunday, we carved Pumpkins!
 Kenz didn't want to actually CARVE her pumpkins or take a picture.  

Sunday night, while delivering neighbor treats, Hayden got the FLU - BAD!!  It lasted until Tuesday

Monday night - Mackay got a lighter version of it.
Tuesday night thru Wednesday - it hit Aaron like a ton of bricks. 

- although no one was really 100%, everyone was well enough to dress up and enjoy the holiday!
 Hayden was a BYU player for the school parade & Mackay a Morph???

 I went as Raggedy Andy

Grandpa Earl, Josh & Megan, Ben & Colin plus Max joined us for the School Parade.

We usually have Chili for dinner on Halloween but because I knew NO ONE would eat it or feel like eating anything... I made it easy on myself and got pizza.
  I was right - No one ate anything!  I have tons of pizza left over.

Trick or Treating
Hayden as Spiderman

 Mackay and his friends... scary!  Mackay has the striped pillowcase.
 Kenzie and her friend Audrey 
They worked at their friend Haunted House.  Kenzie can take any household item and make it something else... The wounds on her neck was made from mod-podge... 

Thursday morning, Kenzie got sick.
She had the Flu almost as bad as Hayden.  She couldn't even make it home without having me pull the car over so she could leave her breakfast on the side of the road. It was awesome... :(   She is still home today (Friday) trying to recover.  

That makes 4 out of 5 in this family that got sick.  I was secretly praying for it.  What mom doesn't want to lay around (guilt-free) and eat whatever she wants knowing she is going to puke it up?
But so far --- I am feeling fine.  (Actually, I am way to busy right now to lay around...)

It has been a SCARY week with all the Dress Ups and Throw Ups!  Hope you all had a 
Happy Halloween!!