April 26, 2014

Kenzie's Junior Prom

The DATE: 
Kenzie has been SO excited for Prom this year.  She has been dating a DARLING boy, Hayden Lee, since last summer.  But his family has a rule about taking the same girl to more than one dance, so they decided to save Junior Prom as the dance they would go to together.  

She had searched Pinterest and had found the exact dress she wanted for Prom.  When she started the American Idol journey and continued to make it through each round... I worried she may not be home for Prom.  But the night of the Live Show after meeting her in the green room, I gave her a big hug and after asking me not to make her cry, she said, "at least now I can go to Prom."  I knew prom meant A LOT to Kenz.When we got home from California, we ordered the "Dream Dress" (from China... yes, the shipping was more than the dress.)  

Hayden invited her to the dance using a Fish ...
that Kenzie kept alive for ONE DAY!

The FIRST DRESS continued:
The dress arrived!  When she tried it on... she was SO SAD!  It was altered to fit her measurements but the seam was bulging at her side and it fit funny.  Because Aaron and I weren't willing to buy TWO prom dresses, we told her to sell it and we'd use the money to find a new one.

After searching and searching and searching and searching....
She found a beautiful dress at David's Bridal - but it was strapless. 

We found a neighbor who could add sleeves... Kenzie was very specific... she really wanted lace sleeves with a keyhole back.  Normally, I'd say, "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit", but because I knew what Prom meant to her... we tried to get her exactly what she wanted.

Mission Accomplished!

Hayden picked her up earlier in the day to go to Flo-Rider in Provo to do some indoor surfing to which Aaron and I sent her text messages with people falling trying to surf wishing her well.Then after a few hours of getting ready he arrived to pick her up for their Junior Prom.As you can see... She was a very Happy Girl with a very Handsome Date. She looked GORGEOUS!!!!! And they had a ball.