June 22, 2011

Summer So Far

We finally buy a MAC (Christmas 2010) and the hard drive goes bad... Go Figure.
Without a Computer ... I can't blog about all the fun things we have been doing.
But the Computer is Back so here we go....

My sister comes out each summer to spend a month with family.
We run her ragged! Actually, her cute - energetic kids run us ragged,
but we look forward to her visit each year and wouldn't change it for the world.
Here are some photos from her first week!!!

June 10th - Manda ARRIVED!!!

Sunday the 11th was our Welcome Dinner.
Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, & Games (of course).

#1 - Big Foot Relay - One team member puts on the shoes. Runs to orange cone and back. Next team member does the same until ALL team members are finished.
Tobe LOVED it!! Hayden HATED it!!

#2 - Body Drag - One team member lays on tarp. All other team member work together to drag the tarp (with body) to orange cone and back.

#3 - Donut Eat - One team member must eat the donut and swallow before the next team member can start eating. Repeat until all team members have finished their donuts.
(Costco Baby Cakes are Gross!!)
#4 - Costume Relay - one team member runs to cone to put on ONE piece of a costume. Then runs back until all team members have some sort of costume on.
Thus making a great final photo!!

Wednesday June 15th,
we enjoyed a Dorius'/Tyler Luncheon
This has become a yearly tradition but we should really do it more often.
Our family loves to catch up with the Tylers. It is so fun to see the next generation too.
Debbie was my mom's best friend, so being around her is the closest thing to being around my mom. We are so grateful for Debbie and her support and sensitivity to our family.
I guess that is what friends do - they take care of each other and then...
they take care of each other's kids... :)

Sunday - A Father's Day and Farewell Fiesta!!!
We celebrated our Dads and said Farewell to my brother & his wife.
Adam has accepted a job in Washington DC. Stephanie is always up for an adventure, so moving across the country was no big deal. They came to our party and then got in their car and began their drive to DC. We will miss them.
Our Fiesta included a Monkey Pinata
(named after the monkey that Adam and Steph purchased while in Peru in 2008)
and a Photo Booth.
My family puts up with a lot when I host a party! They are all Good Sports!!
Adam & Steph with the Nieces & Nephews

Dad & Roe
The Cute Couple that is moving... Adam & Steph.

Of course we couldn't let Adam and Steph leave without REAL family pictures.
We were missing Ashley and her family (& Brett)...
Someday, we'll get us all under one roof.

(Can you believe this all took place in ONE WEEK!?!)

More to come...as the Party Continues!!!