June 2, 2019

Manda and Adam Came

Manda and Adam were BOTH in town for two days... So we partied by swimming, playing baseball, and reminiscing about our childhood years.  I love this family of mine.

April 3, 2019

Orlando for Spring Break

Orlando Spring Break
Day 1

Flight fro Salt Lake to Dallas was great!
Flight from Dallas to Orlando has some issues... a Medical Emergency to be exact.  We landed in Tallahassee at 8:10 pm.
We were supposed to land in Orlando at 8:45 pm.
My kids had no problem taking a photo of the Medical Emergency.
We expected to be in Tallahassee for 30 minutes - time enough to refuel.
Then we needed more oxygen.
Then the crew needed to sleep.
 But... no TSA was working so we couldn't leave the terminal.
No restaurants were open.
No buses were coming.
So we ate pretzels, peanuts, cookies and slept in the airport with blankets for only half us.
American Airlines is NOT OUR FAVORITE!
trying to sleep in the airport
Day 2
 We finally left Tallahassee at noon and arrived in Orlando around 1 pm.
After getting to our rental we decided not to sleep but to try to enjoy the rest of the day at Epcot.
We ate at Coral Reef
Then we went on Mission Space
The boys watched the Duke game (they lost) while Kenzie tried to recover from motion sickness (& exhaustion)
Barfing and the boys reaction
 She never really recovered so we called it quits.
Once home, we slept like rocks!
Day 3
We started at Hollywood Studios
Then went to Animal Kingdom
We decided to try to get dinner back at Epcot. Aaron wanted to eat in Germany and since Kenzie got so sick the night
before, she felt bad and suggested we try to race back over to Epcot to try to get to Germany for dinner.
Rick Springfield was in concert at Epcot. We knew we had to act fast to get to Germany before the concert got out. Epcot closes at 9 pm. We got to Epcot at 8:10 pm. We ran to Germany but couldn't get in, so we got pizza in Italy. Trying to beat the crowd out of Epcot/Springfield concert, we realized we had lost the car rental key. So with our phone flashlights, we 
slowly roamed the park trying to find our key. The car held our phone chargers, AirPods, Aaron's Maui Jim glasses. We
NEEDED the key to get home and to get our stuff. No luck.
Aaron called Enterprise and they started to send a tow truck to get him and the rental, but it was going to take 3-5 hours
and be $300. I entered our key in the Lost and Found site online. We all sat until close to 11 pm while Aaron tried to come up with other solutions. Miracles Happen!! Our key was turned in and we retrieved it at Guest Services.
Once home we slept like rocks.
Day 4
We went to Magic Kingdom along with EVERYONE ELSE on this day. The Crowds were intense!
While waiting for our last fast pass, we decided to get a TURKEY LEG (tradition).
We headed to our last ride and realized Aaron's cell phone was missing. Of course it was on silent and won't pull up on
Find My Phone. So once we stuck our heads into different garbage cans, I called it and waited for the trash to light up.
Miracles Happen! We found his phone in the trash next to the greasy turkey leg and everyone else's greasy garbage.
Once we got home we slept like rocks.
Day 5
Before we hopped on a flight to head back to Utah, we went on a Florida Gator Tour. We saw several alligators, snakes,
birds, and even ATE gator!
Our flight home was uneventful - Thank heavens.
Although we had a few mishaps, we had fun and are grateful for Aaron and his love of traveling. But we decided, this was definitely a Spring Break we won't soon forget.

Flights: $1500
Flights home $1200
House: $1150
Rental car: $300
Disney World $2700
Daisy $120
Airport Parking $

Airport lunch $61

Parking $25
Coral Reef $256.63
Lemonade $6
Worthers candy $3
Walmart $25
Mcdonald $18
Arby’s $25

Hollywood Studios
Parking $25
Lunch $96
Ice Cream $32
Pizza $62
Arby’s $10

magic Kingdom 
Parking $25
Lunch $102
Turkey leg & churros $45
Pretzels $32
Ice cream $21
Mints $13

Nike $38
Gator Tour $190
Lunch $110
Dinner $60