January 25, 2009

Written by Kenz

Ice Fishing and Saddness

Sorry I have not posted anything. Yesterday was super busy. Well, the past two days has been pretty busy. On Friday, Sam Allen and I got to sleep over at Grandpa Earl's house. Then next day, we all went ice fishing in Saratoga Springs Boat Dock. That is where we all go boating in the summer so it was a shock to see it totally frozen! It was really cool thought. At the beginning, there was no luck for any of us. Then this wonderful man shared his lucky secret. He looped it some different way, after he told gpa, he did his special way on Sam's pole. After the man did it, Sam caught 3 in 4 mins.!!! The score when we were done was, 8,4, and 1. Sam was the eight, Gpa was the four. But the cool part was that we were all catching Bluegills but then Gpa caught... a croppie! It was huge compared to the Bluegill. It was really cool. And guess what, I got the one fish! :( It is okay thought. Once we got home, we gutted the fish and I got all the meat off of Grandpas fish. We had a really fun time together. Sadly thought, Today is the last day Mackay and I are off track. We have been off for five weeks! Now we will go on until March 30! That is downer. Oh well... The pic is of my fish that I caught.... :) eww


  1. Thanks Grandpa for taking the kids. They had a blast!!
    Kenzie - you need to use spell check!!
    I am glad you blog- keep it up!!
    I love you!
  2. I once went ice fishing with your Grandpa Earl's friend Don Allen. We caught nothing and I mostly remember seeing a whole bunch of yellow spots on the ground. Did you see that?
    Also it was frrrrrreeeezzing that day.

    Cool that you caught so many fish. Did your Mom cook them up??

January 17, 2009

Written by Kenz

Fun is Almost Over but Just Beginning For Josh and Megan!

My parent have been gone for six days now. Us kids are missing them but having a blast with Gma Becky and Gpa Tom and Remy! We have done so many fun things including, my first time bowling and getting second place( Gma Becky got first), buying 12 fish and a fish aquarium, killing six fish (Not so fun for the fish), going to Walmart four days straight, eating pizza and staying up late, having Gpa Earl come over for dinner, going to Petco and much more!!! My parents are sort of feeling home sick but not a ton! They come home tomorrow morning. Six A.M to be exact!! Once they come home, the party is over, NO OFFENSE MOM AND DAD! But today was just the start of Josh and Megan's fun... They got to go to Indiana to visit my Aunt and Uncle and Cousins. Manda, Brett, Jane, Tobe, and Aly! They are so lucky! They have been super excited! They got plane tickets for Christmas and I bet they have been counting the days until they get to get on their airplane and fly off! :) Hope you guys have a blast there!!!!! Say hi to the Hatches for me!!! Bahahaha!!!


  1. Hey Kenz. Sorry your fun is coming to an end. Ours really is just beginning. I don't think we will let them come home though so our fun will never end..ha ha.
    I need to learn how to make my blog cute. Yours is too cute. You are quite the blogger.

January 16, 2009

Written by Kenz

Pictures From Hawaii!

These are some pictures from Hawaii my parents took on their phone and sent to me!
The first pic is of my parents hotel's pool. I think it is very cool looking!!! :) The picture next to it is of my dad looking at ocean. The one below my dad is a pic of a view from their balcony! Next to that is a huge tree!! It starts with a "B" but i dont remember what it is called. The last pic is of The other pool in their hotel! It is so weirdly shaped! I love it! I will post a pic of how well they did on there tan and do a vote on who got tanner! So keep checking in!


  1. Oh, I am SOOO jealous. Thanks for the pictures!
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  3. Still waiting for more pictures. Hawaii looks so fun. It is really cold here but we are still having fun. Only one more day:(

January 13, 2009

Written by Kenz

Ahoy Whale Watchers!

Today is Tuesday and I am sicker than a dog! I think I have a cold and a cough and a sore throat! I dont really know! I hope my parents are having a more fun time! I know that they are! They are in Hawaii for goodness sakes! Today they went whale watching! My mom was scared to death because there was a big whale ten feet away from her boat!!! Then it slapped the water with it's tail and they said that it splashed them! That would be fun but a little bit of a downer to be wet the rest of the day... That is okay though, they are still lucky people! :)


  1. Kenzie, Ihave to agree, that they are still lucky ducks. Wet clothes or not. Whale watching can be pretty amazing. They are so huge!! I'm sorry to hear that you don't feel well. Take lots of Vit. C Good job on your blogging. talk to you soon. Love Gma janice

January 11, 2009

Written by Kenz

Bye Mom and Dad, Hello PARTY!!!!!

So my parents, as you probably know, are on their way to HAWAII!! Lucky ducks, I know!! They left around 10:00 and their flight leaves about 11:10 And they will arrive in Lahaina around 5:30. We will miss them a lot but we will have a party here too. :) We are going to have fun with Grandma Becky and Grandpa Tom and Remy. Their chocolate LAB! Last time I said lad. Your welcome Manda! ;) By the way, the picture is before their awesome tan! Hope you have fun Mom and Dad!!!!!


  1. Maybe they will bring you a cool muumuu?? I hope you all have a great week.
  2. Kenz, I am so excited to see your blog. Your music, or are they "tunes"are good too. So Mom and Dad are on their way to Hawaii. "Lucky little Devils" Hope they have a great time together. So the "Party" begins. Have lots of fun, kiss the boys for us oh! and "Missy Molly" too. It is going to be so fun to read your blog everyday. Keep up the good work!!Love G-ma By the way, I really like your "Red" phone.!!
  3. How fun! A week without mom and dad, and a week with Becky & Tom! Tell them that we Michiganders are jealous. Be sure to break as many rules as possible while your folks are away!
  4. I am so jealous. I wish I was in Hawaii or even having a party with the grandparents. You both are so lucky. Hope you are having fun.
  5. Hi Mackenzie, it was soooooo good to hear about your family and see your pictures! We miss you guys a ton-keep us up to date on all you are doing. The Isaacson's

January 9, 2009

Written by Kenz


Here are pictures that I promised. I will post more soon!!! :)


  1. Oh Yes. Keep them coming. It makes me so homesick but I love to see them. Little Hayden in his costume. I actually miss that:)

January 8, 2009

Written by Kenz

The Test Begins... NOW!

Hey! I am Kenzie Hall and this is a blog about what is going on! Are you happy Manda??? :)


  1. thank you kenz. now keep it updated so i won't feel so "far far away" :0)

Written by Kenz

Fun Filled Week Ahead of Us!

This is my first real blog so wish me luck! Some fun things are about to come to our family, including... My parents are lucky enough to have a fun filled trip for a week. And guess where they are going... HAWAII!!!! The bad part is that they are not taking us. (me, Mackay andHayden) But we still get a treat. My grandparents are coming for a week to watch us! They live in Nevada and they are driving here. They have never been here, well to our house at least, for a full week! I bet they will like our new house, but boy, they don't know what they have gotten themselves into! Another fun thing is that they are bringing their big puppy, well not really a puppy. It is a big chocolate lad named Remy. She is the sweetest thing but she can put my brothers to the ground in two seconds! When they get here, I will post some pictures of them, so stay up with me! :)


  1. Look at you. Music, 2 posts, and a pretty pink background. I think you have gotten the hang of this whole blog thing. Thanks Kenz!
    I hope you have a good time with your grandma, grandpa, and their chocolate LAB, not lad:):)