January 16, 2009

Written by Kenz

Pictures From Hawaii!

These are some pictures from Hawaii my parents took on their phone and sent to me!
The first pic is of my parents hotel's pool. I think it is very cool looking!!! :) The picture next to it is of my dad looking at ocean. The one below my dad is a pic of a view from their balcony! Next to that is a huge tree!! It starts with a "B" but i dont remember what it is called. The last pic is of The other pool in their hotel! It is so weirdly shaped! I love it! I will post a pic of how well they did on there tan and do a vote on who got tanner! So keep checking in!


  1. Oh, I am SOOO jealous. Thanks for the pictures!
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  3. Still waiting for more pictures. Hawaii looks so fun. It is really cold here but we are still having fun. Only one more day:(

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