January 13, 2009

Written by Kenz

Ahoy Whale Watchers!

Today is Tuesday and I am sicker than a dog! I think I have a cold and a cough and a sore throat! I dont really know! I hope my parents are having a more fun time! I know that they are! They are in Hawaii for goodness sakes! Today they went whale watching! My mom was scared to death because there was a big whale ten feet away from her boat!!! Then it slapped the water with it's tail and they said that it splashed them! That would be fun but a little bit of a downer to be wet the rest of the day... That is okay though, they are still lucky people! :)


  1. Kenzie, Ihave to agree, that they are still lucky ducks. Wet clothes or not. Whale watching can be pretty amazing. They are so huge!! I'm sorry to hear that you don't feel well. Take lots of Vit. C Good job on your blogging. talk to you soon. Love Gma janice

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