June 30, 2012

Outings with Family & Friends

June 25th: We went to City Creek!!   
For some of us, it was our first visit there. 
 Just FYI for those who plan to go to let their kids run around in the water... You must wear SHOES and shirts.  You can't run around in just your swim suit... They have a cop patrolling and enforcing the rules... Beware!!!

June 26th:  We met the Tyler's for Lunch at Biaggie's.  
We always LOVE getting together and reminiscing about our childhood and updating each other on our families today.  The Tyler family will always have a special spot in our lives and our hearts.

 June 27th: We celebrated Manda's birthday a day early.  
Only the adults were invited to have lunch at Olive Garden (no pictures) but while we were gone all the kids played at Jenn's house.  Tobe and Hayden loved playing "Office" in Jenn's office.  And what "Office" personnel doesn't have a mustache?  Do you love how Aly "photo bombed" the pictures? :)

June 28th: We went to Jordanelle.
My dad took the Hatches up to Jordanelle in his trailer.  
We were supposed to go boating but our boat trailer broke... grrrrrr.....  
Ashley took Kamryn and my boys to stay the night with them all.  The kids didn't need a boat to keep them entertained, they made their very own spa, while Aly caught baby Starfish (or marshmallow cereal stars???)  Once we got up there we drove around and toured the surrounding areas like Midway and Heber city.

June 22, 2012

Florida's Beach & Buccaneers

We ended our trip with some down time at St. Pete Beach.  Tropical Storm Debby came in 
& made it really easy for us to leave Florida 
& head back to Utah.

June 20, 2012

Karaoke Kenz

Superstar Karaoke on our 
Carnival Cruise Ship

I was SO Proud of Kenz!!

June 19, 2012


Zip Lining and Snorkeling in Cozumel


June 18, 2012

Grand Cayman Island

Grand Cayman Island

Boat ride from ship to island
Watching the dolphins.  Decided not to swim or kiss them...
Visiting "Hell".  
This used to be under water.  Now it is being eroded by algae which makes it black.  The man in the devil costume is Ivan.  I am not certain if the story behind "Hell" is about Ivan or a different man, but someone shot a bird out of the sky and it landed in the middle of this area.  He couldn't reach his bird and threw up his hands saying "Oh Hell".  The name stuck and it is now on the maps.  So I guess we can say "we've been to Hell and back."  (There is a scary statue that looks like a devil in the middle.) Strange...

I am having trouble posting... sorry for the mess of posts....

June 16, 2012

Cruise Ship 2012

Carnival Cruise Ship - Elation
Grand Cayman Island & Cozumel
June 16th -21st
Celebrating our 17th Anniversary & Father's Day

Hayden's Talent Show - Breakdancing Group 

In our Rooms
 Eating Frog Legs...

Shooting Hoops on Deck
Fun Freddy and Hayden