June 29, 2010

My Germ-a-phob Caught a Germ

Hayden slept a lot of the day yesterday. This morning, I found him laying at the top of the stairs. He has no voice, a barking cough, and makes strange noises when he breathes. After feeling his warm - HOT - body, I gave him some Motrin and laid him on the couch. He fell back to sleep - the strange noises continued, almost like a snore, but with each breath. --- If he was a baby, I would say he had Croup. I would shove his head in my freezer, since it is so dang hot outside and let him sleep it off. But since he is 5 1/2 I decided to call the doctor.

Did you know 5 year olds can still get Croup? Yes, they can.

A dose of steroids (decadron, I think) mixed with Tylenol was given and we were sent home with three more doses. I asked the doctor if this was contagious... "Yep".

June 27, 2010

Gathering Photos - LOTS OF PICS

Picnic with Mom at the Cemetery:

Swimming at the Pool:

Father's Day:

Beyond Glaze Donuts:

Mom's Homemade Jam:


Kids Having FUN!!

June 25, 2010


My sister, Manda, lives "far far away" in Indiana. Each summer she comes to visit. We are missing Adam this year, but when Manda is in town, our family GATHERS. That is just what we do - We usually aren't doing anything special - just sitting around.

Josh can be found surrounded by all the teenagers and his board game.

Jenn has her feet tucked up underneath her, trying desperately to keep her eyes open - she's been up since 4:30 am and has already taught 2 or 3 fitness classes.

Ash & I are bouncing twins. We smell like baby formula (aka: barf) but are enjoying the occasional giggles Ben and Colin are giving up.

Ashley can also be seen writing on the back of an envelop with her cell phone attached to her ear, because Horse Show people are calling with questions or registration information.

And Manda is usually helping a small child that wants her to hold him/her or is cleaning up someone who has either made it to the bathroom ... or not... :(

There are tons of grand kids running around, sharing, not sharing, laughing, crying, snacking, or sleeping.

We have made Mom's homemade jam, ran to get pizza or happy meals, and gone to the "Icky Mexican" restaurant to celebrate Manda's birthday. We have had a Father's Day party, swam at the pool, and have enjoyed gourmet cupcakes. Manda's at the movies, right now, with Dad. We'll hit the lake tomorrow, sew on Monday, and visit Lagoon on Tuesday!

We've stayed up late laughing, crying, venting, and discussing what we are doing in our own lives. We depend, listen, learn, trust, and support on another. Sometimes we can't fix it - but we validate each other.

As I was wiping off my counter one night - the kids were all sleeping soundly in their beds. Aaron was reading his book. Manda was possibly on her phone saying "Goodnight" to her husband who is still "far far away" - I stopped and sent a message heavenward...

We still gather.
Everything we have done, we used to do with you.
We miss you and wish you were here.
If you can, please peek down.
I'm sure you'd smile.

Then, I rinsed the rag, turned off the lights, and climbed into bed next to the sweet man who knows how much I love it when my family gathers.

June 18, 2010

Are you my Friend??

My sister, Manda, arrived Monday night!! Woot! Woot!

Kenzie has glamorized Jane and Aly with costumes, curled hair, make up, and painted fingers and toes.

But it is Hayden and Tobe who are in heaven.
They are the best of buddies and so entertaining.

Hayden patiently waits for Tobe to finish what he is saying, while Tobe tells Hayden everything about everything.
Hayden smirks with a little giggle every time Tobe releases a little gas - well actually a lot of rather LOUD gas, while Tobe doesn't even notice gas has slipped out.
They are the happiest and cutest little pair!

When my kids fight and use violence, I always say "There is a better way to handle things." Tobe has taught us all the Better Way.

When Tobe isn't happy with something you, his sisters, kids at the pool, or even my dog, Molly, does, he simply and matter-a-factly tells them; "You're not my Friend." No Yelling, Screaming, Crying, Scratching, Hitting, nothing... just simply - "You're not my Friend."

After a little disagreement the other day, Tobe, with a concerned look on his face asked Hayden, "Are you my Friend?" To which Hayden answered, "No". It was devastating to Tobe. It broke my heart too. Hayden realized how sad he had made Tobe and quickly explained that he WAS his friend, he was just a little upset - and the playing continued.

I wish everyone could handle problems with a "Are you my Friend?"
Wouldn't life be some much more pleasant??

June 17, 2010


See this sweet little face?
Mackay is my sensitive, sweet, little boy.
He is 8 years old and tries to choose the right.
He is calm and kind.
He is very patient ... but when he has had enough...

he BLOWS!!

While picnicking at the cemetery Tuesday with many of his cousins, he blew. Hayden had hit Mackay "in the bad spot" (as my boys say) one too many times. The chase was on.

I was sitting next to my mom's grave marker (headstone). The two boys were running FULL SPEED AHEAD.
I could tell by the look on both of their faces that this was not a friendly game of Tag. As a mother, I could see the future...Hayden was going to hit the ground. But what was he going to hit FIRST??

I stood to stop the speed, the running, the problem, whatever ... As they approached my mom's headstone, Mackay gave his final shove... Down Hayden went. Head first into the corner of the headstone.

I swooped Hayden up in my arms, giving Mackay a very dirty look. Scared to death to look at the face of my 5 year old. Jenn yelled, "Get some ice!!" As I looked down - I was shocked!!! Somehow he still had a face and it was all intact. Mom must have reached up and covered the corner.

Mackay managed to get to the other end of the cemetery - scared ...
He hates to get in trouble and he really hates it when he hurts someone. No need to punish - he is one that punishes himself.

After seeing his own face, Hayden's response...
"I look ridiculous!"

June 16, 2010

An Anniversary Travel Log

Today is our Wedding Anniversary!!
We have been married for 15 Years!!
To Celebrate, we escaped to the Beautiful, but very chilling, Coast of Oregon!!

We arrived in Portland on Wednesday. Our flight left Utah at 12:45 and returned to UTAH at 1:45. After putting us all on a new plane with a de-icer that worked... we made it to Portland around 5:30 pm. We rented a car and traveled to Newport City. 3 hours later, we made it to our beautiful beach front condo.
It was heavenly.

As we drove out of our driveway - this was our view.

We drove around the town and saw beautiful lighthouses, beaches, quaint shopping areas, and LOVED the little store on the corner... (we HAD to take a picture)...

Thursday Morning we went to the Marine Aquarium.
It was a cold and rainy day so we enjoyed staying inside and being warm.

Across the street we visited Pirate's Plunder - basically a street of shops filled with nick-nacks.
It RAINED buckets!!

We ate Lunch at the Chowder Bowl. I reluctantly joined Aaron on a very cold beach in Newport.

Friday we got up early to go to the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse.
The view was amazing. We hiked down to the water to see the marine life.
It was one of my favorite spots.

We traveled into Depoe Bay.
We boarded a boat to Whale Watch. I think this was Aaron's favorite. He loves to be on the water...even when it is choppy... :(

Saturday we did some shopping in Lincoln City
and then headed to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum.
This museum houses Hughes Flying Boat, the Spruce Goose. It is HUGE!!!

And Sunday we traveled home - back to reality... Thank you, Ashley for keeping our kids. They had as much fun as we did.

Aaron has been my best friend
for more than 15 years.

He has been by my side through
Good and Bad,
Sickness and Health,
Thick (happens to the best of us) and Thin,
and three added kids ;0).

I can't wait to see
what the next 15 years will bring.

He is my favorite!!
He is PERFECT for me!
I am the lucky one.

Happy Anniversary, Honey!!

Love is a seesaw.
Love does not stay the same,
but is always the most important endeavor of your life.

One of you is weak where the other is strong.
Each waits upon the other while progressing towards perfection.