March 13, 2012

My New Favorite

Nope it isn't Pinterest.

You all know my love,
whatever you want to call it,
to decorating, looking at beautiful homes, and roaming gorgeous yards.

Well, while on the Internet one day, I found this little blog/tumblr -

It has become my new favorite.

She shows homes (inside & out) from not just her city, town, state - but around the world.
It is what I do when I am curled up, next to my sweet hubby, on the couch, with my Ipad in hand, while he watches TV (& sometimes I play Solitaire).

Click on the image above to take a look

March 7, 2012

A 3-Day Conversation with a Crazy Kid

DAY 1: Sunday Night, long after Hayden was supposed to be in bed, he came into my bedroom.

Hayden: "Mom, I know you are gonna say no, but I need to ask anyway."
Me: "Okay, what's up?"
Hayden: "Can I dye my hair black?"
Me (thinking it would be better to talk it out then just say "No"): "Why do you want to dye your hair black?"
Hayden: "My hair is getting yellower and yellower and I think it is time for a change?"
Me (hoping to pawn this one off on his dad): "Did you ask your dad?"
Hayden: "No."
Me: "Ask your dad and see what he thinks."

Hayden walks to my door frame (I can still see him from my bed, but he is talking to Aaron, who is sitting on the family room couch)

Hayden: "Dad, Mom wants me to ask you... Can I dye my hair black?"
Aaron Laughs Loudly!!

Hayden doesn't do well when someone laughs at him. I fully expected him to attack Aaron, but instead, He ran back into my room hiding his head and begins to cry - Big alligator tears are falling down his face. I invite him to jump in bed with me to again 'talk it out.'

Me: "What will your friends say? What will your teacher say? Will all the attention embarrass you?"
Hayden: "No. Mom I really don't want yellow hair."
Me: "I'll make you a deal" (Deals are common in our home) "How about we spray your hair after school tomorrow (Monday), then you can see if you like it.
Hayden: "Deal."

He heads to bed feeling better. Aaron joins me in bed and we quietly laugh our heads off...

DAY 2: Monday afternoon, Hayden RUNS into the house.
Hayden: "Mom? Do you have it? I'm ready to spray my hair."
Me: "Yep - let's go."

I spray his yellow hair black. He loves it. His friends think he is awesome.

DAY 3: Tuesday morning, he wakes up EARLY!! We spray a few areas that faded during the night. I send him out the door, praying that the school doesn't call me to tell me it's against the rules to spray your hair unless it's Halloween.

This is how he looked leaving for school Tuesday.
(I love that smile - pure joy and excitement)

Tuesday afternoon, he comes home from school and lets me know everyone liked his new hair and even his teacher thought it was great. (Thank heavens Parent Teacher Conferences are Thursday and I can try to explain this situation to Mrs. Schultz.) After dinner, I finally get Hayden all to myself.

Me: "I love your yellow hair. I miss your yellow hair. Please tell me why you don't want your yellow hair. What is the REAL reason"
Hayden: "I want to be like Chris Brown."

*Chris Brown is a rapper. *He has black Hair & black skin - On a side note: Mackay is trying to get his skin... he and his friends all have contest to see who has the darkest skin because they want to have black skin - "just like their heroes" from the music industry and the world of sports. Parenting is so hard sometimes...

Me (trying desperately not to burst out laughing... but remembering something very important): "Buddy... Chris Brown has YELLOW hair."
(Chris Brown)

Tuesday night, Hayden showered and washed all the black spray out of his hair - twice just to make sure.
I love this kid. He's Crazy and totally entertains me!

March 5, 2012

Cute Little Happy Couple

This cracks me up!
Here's to growing old with your best friend!!
(what does he mean about "dropping her dress a little bit"? ha ha ha)