June 23, 2013

Kenz Hall - EP Release Concert

Thank you Terry Brown with Wakeless Productions (click HERE for more of Terry's work) for putting this together for Kenz.

Click HERE if you haven't purchased Kenzie's CDand would like to.... :)

June 16, 2013

Hawaii Trip

Sunday: We flew out!

Too long of lay-overs

Ready to take off.

We arrived to Oahu & made our way to our BEAUTIFUL hotel... 
Mackay in the TV Room - Dining Room
Boys room - Kenz's room
Master Bed and Bath
Balcony - View from Balcony

Monday: we got up early. Hayden & I were on the balcony by 5 am.
Mackay joined us at 6 am.  Aaron at 7 am. Kenz at 8:30 am.
We were headed into town by 9 am to see the 

Then we went to the USS Missouri.

We ate lunch at the Monkey Pod - Gross!!  And spent the rest of the day at the beach.

Tuesday: We had a little jet lag so we spent the day at the beach & poolside.
For dinner we took a walk along the beach to the Disney Hotel & paid a TON of money to eat at the Makahiki restaurant - YUMMY!

Wednesday:   we went to Punch Bowl Cemetery

then on to an Atlantis Submarine (not much to see) & ate lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise.

On a side note: after our sub tour we passed Macklemore with his wife sitting on the curb of the Hilton Hotel.  I didn't believe my kids and didn't let them stop to say hi or take a photo.  Oops... major missed opportunity!

Thursday: it rained... that didn't stop us from visiting the Polynesia Culture Center.  Thanks to good friends we got a discount and will forever be grateful!!

Hayden enjoys a good tattoo... :(
Friday: We spent at the beach and Aaron went scuba diving.That night we went to the 
another tattoo for Hayden

Saturday: we departed Hawaii and arrived in San Francisco.

We waited almost 1 1/2 hours on the tarmac.  UGH!!

Sunday: morning we made it back to Utah.  

Souvenirs: Kenz bought a Ukulele - Mackay bought Stitch from Lilo & Stitch - Hayden got a remote control red car.