January 23, 2016


We left the kids and flew to Maui Friday January 15th!! 
Maui is my new "Happy Place"!!

Day 1 - Friday Night Jan. 15th:
After arriving to Maui we stopped at our favorite restaurant 
Amigos for dinner and Ceviche to go. :)
Then we drove to our resort, the Honua Kai 
(pictures taken on the last day so the room was messy)

Day 2 - Saturday Jan. 16th 
we went to our favorite little Farmer's Market for fresh food.
Aaron went into a dive shop to book a few dives.  
I waited in the car and at the park across the street. 

Then we spent the day at the pool.

We watched Football and ate our Ceviche for lunch.
We enjoyed Dukes for dinner.

Aaron ordered his first of many Hula Pies.


Day 3 - Sunday Jan. 17th:
We watched Football all morning and then relaxed at the beach all afternoon.
We were all very sad that our Steelers lost.

We dined at Leilani's for dinner.

Day 4 - Monday Jan 18th:
Aaron went scuba diving at olowalu with Lloyd.  
Brian, his usual dive buddy, was gone until Tuesday. 
I sat at the pool.

Beautiful Setting.
Yummy Food - probably the best from all the Luaus we have tried.
Yummy Drinks!!!

I was a happy girl.

Day 5 Tuesday Jan. 20th:
Aaron went scuba diving at 4:30 AM at Molokini.
I enjoyed the beach.

We lunch at Dukes & dinner at Kimos on Front street.

Day 6 - Wednesday Jan 21st:
Aaron catches a cold and heads for meds at the grocery store.  BIG. BUMMER.
We decide to stay our of the sun and go to Old Lahaina to shop Front Street.

There is a homeless man that we see EVERY YEAR.  He seems harmless.
While I was face timing Kenz, this man came over and wasn't very nice to me.  He scared me and told me to "go to He%$".  I am not very afraid of this homeless man.

We ate lunch at Bubba Gumps... we usually choose Cheeseburger in Paradise but decided on Bubbu Gumps this trip. It's always Fun, Funny, and Yummy.

That afternoon we set up shop at our spot on the beach and enjoyed the rest of the day.
The whales were every where!!!  So cool!

We ordered pizza at Round Table and paid $31 for a large pizza - welcome to Maui.

Day 7 - Thursday Jan 22nd:
Aaron went diving with Brian and met me at the beach after.
Because of his cold he couldn't go deeper than 49 feet.  
He couldn't clear his ears.  
Poor Guy... He waits all year to dive Maui and gets sick.

We drove back into Old Lahaina for dinner 

Can't beat the views in Maui
These were just on our drive to dinner.

Front Street has this spot that a different homeless guy balances rocks on each other.  
He hopes you will give him some money for his efforts. 
Kind of weird. But kind of cool.

We ate dinner on Front Street at Lahaina Fish Co. 

Day 8 Friday Jan 22:
Last day in Maui.  
Since we booked our room through VRBO this time, we didn't have to check out at 11 am.  
We decided to spend the morning at the beach 
then head into the city toward the airport around 5 to catch our 8 PM flight.
Aaron was getting sicker and sicker.  
You can tell he was preoccupied with something.  
He NEVER complains but I could tell something wasn't right.

We got back to the room to pack up and Aaron tried to lay down.
He finally announced we needed to leave earlier so we could stop at a pharmacy to get some peppermint oil.  He shows me his chest and shoulders that are covered in blisters.  After being miserable and trying to google what the blisters were from, he figured out he had Hell's Itch.  
He was so quiet about it and yet was SO MISERABLE!  
With an 8 hour flight ahead of us, he knew he needed some kind of relief.  
We found the oil and lots of benedryl.

Then we left for the airport saying Goodbye to the most beautiful place on earth.
AKA: My Happy Place!

Normally we would be sad to leave this beautiful place 
but with poor Aaron's condition - we wanted out.

Dinner with my Peppermint Man at IHOP.  :)
"Pancakes just sounded good."