December 24, 2017

Christmas Chain

This is a tradition that started when I was a kid.  
My kids love it and I do too.... 
EXCEPT this year we got sick.  
Hayden was sick first.  
Then Kenz. 
December 3rd: Watching the First Presidencies Christmas Devotional

and then ME... :(

It was hard to find the energy to do all of our planned activities. So we improvised and did some and saved some for later... 

December 4th: Walk to Bethlehem
This was MY worst day.  I don't think I have EVER BEEN SO SICK.

I have never missed Walk to Bethlehem... but I missed it this year.
Thankfully I have wonderful friends (Kim & Jeni) and the best husband.  

December 7th: The Roof Restaurant

Temple Lights

December 8th: Christmas T Shirts

December 10: Cookie Party

December 12: Lights on my big beautiful 10 foot tree go out.
So I undecorated it and went and bought a 5 foot LIVE/REAL Christmas tree.

December 13: Shop for White Elephant Gifts

December 15: Puzzle day

December 19: Movie Day

December 20: Dad's Walk to Bethlehem 

December 21: Open Sibling Gifts

December 22: Dinner at Jenn's with the Missionaries

December 23: FUJI (nightmare - not sure we will do this one again)

December 24: drive around to see Christmas Lights

and Open Jammies

December 9, 2017

Ward Christmas Party

Kenz was asked to sing at our churches adult Christmas Party.
Like many Kenz has been sick with the sore throat, sinus, and cough (Bronchitis). 
I worried she wouldn't have a voice.  We prayed and prayed and gave her lots of medicine.  
I am always amazed at how she somehow pulls off every performance.   

Kenz is VERY picky when it comes to her music and song choices.  
She decided to do only 3 songs.  
1. a known Christmas carol

2. a song she sang a few years ago for the LDS Church campaign #ASaviorisBorn
Click HERE to see her video. 

3. one of her FAVORITE Christmas songs - "Do You Have Room"

I loved that she played guitar instead of having someone play piano.  It was so pretty and perfect for the setting.  I was so proud of her and grateful she is still willing to share her beautiful voice.
Always grateful for Grandpa's help.  He was a life savor tonight. #9voltbattery