September 18, 2017

A Visit with Aunt Carole

Ashley, my dad and I went to visit my Aunt Carole. She has been at Chancellor Gardens for the past several years.My dad tries to visit her often. She is his only sister (7 years older) and her health is declining rapidly. It breaks my heart.

My dad made the comment that the only good thing about her declining health is that she will let people touch and hug her now.  She has struggled with different mental illnesses her entire life. 
For several years my sisters, dad and I took turns buying her weekly groceries.  It was a task that required a lot of time and patience.  Each of us can share a colorful story about our experiences but you grow to love those you serve.  My dad has been serving Carole for many years now and it is heartwarming to see how his love for her has grown.

September 2, 2017

BYU/UTAH Football Game

Our favorite family party is the BYU/UTAH football game.
But this year, Ashley's family had to miss it due to a horse show.
Josh and Meg and their boys came and swam for a bit, but because the boys are allergic to our dogs, they have a hard time enjoying the party. :(
Grandpa Earl came. 
Jenn and Scott and Jessica and Josh also came.
And of course, I forgot to take pictures.
This is the best I got.

Half Time Activities were held at the Gardner's home... ha ha
Kenz, Mackay, and Aaron did a little vandalizing.
Todd and Jeni appreciated having the WINNING team's logo on their drive way... 

August 23, 2017

Back to School

Hayden starts 7th grade this year.
He wakes up at 6:20
Catches the bus at 6:58
Gets home at 2:40
Today he came home in a down pour of RAIN!

Mackay is a SOPHOMORE this year.
He wakes up at 7 am.
He catches a ride with Jason Casey at 7:30 am (until he gets his license)
He gets home at 2:30 pm

Kenz is a JUNIOR at UVU.
She has class M-W-F
She lives at Pacific Heights Apts. 
Works at Soel Boutique, The Piano Place, and DreamWorks Animation
She is SINGLE for the time being and is busy.

August 16, 2017

Adam's Kids come Visit

Adam's Kids came to Utah for a "before school starts" trip.
We got to see them a few times while they were here.
Wednesday August 9th - we had a family pool party!

Then Wednesday August 16th a few came back over to swim and play with toys before they went back to DC. 

 Julian Bean

Mazie Virginia

I hate saying Goodbye to this cute kids!!

July 30, 2017

Quick Trip to Colorado

Manda had to go to Girls Camp with Jane. So Aly came to UTAH to celebrate her 10th Birthday 
She started at Ashley's house then spent a day at Jenn's

On her actual birthday... She got PAMPERED!
Pedicures and Manicures

Lunch at Charleston Cafe

Then to Pro-Du to get her hair done.

Then we went to Provo so Aly could choose a bracelet from Kenzie's store Soel Boutique and get a treat at Rocky Mountain Chocolate. 

We ended the night with the family for games, cake and ice cream, and NIGHT SWIMMING!  Aly couldn't wait to go Night Swimming and when it was time... there was LIGHTNING!! :( 
She was so sad. 


and then Ash, Kenzie, Hayden, and I drove to Colorado to take care of Tobe and Aly while they were at Girl's Camp.

We arrived July 27th - the NINE year anniversary of my mom's death.  So we continued the tradition of sending messages to heaven.  It was so sweet!!! 

Sending messages to heaven

Then some mean lady commented on my instagram ... 

Our project for while Jane and Manda were gone was to decorate Jane's room.

And we did a little rearranging on her main floor as well...

Of course we only had one meltdown with Tobe and his desire for toys... video to come.
#walmart #itsrainingrun #scarecrow
So glad Kenz documented it...