October 22, 2017


Day 1 - Wednesday Oct 18th
Flight left SLC at 7 am arriving in NYC at 2:30 pm.
Shuttled to the hotel - Residence in Time Square arriving at 4 pm.
Unpacked and we were OFF!

A little confused and overwhelm, searching for lunch/dinner.

The Shake Shack for food

Ready to hit Time Square

Hayden found the famous Red Stairs - Spiderman

Aaron found the Tonight Show

I was in heaven at Rockefeller Center

We shopped and took tons of pictures!  Such a COOL PLACE!

The night ended with a slice of Pizza :)

Day 2: Wednesday Oct 19th
We took a City Tour. 
The Dakota - where John Lennon was shot and where Yoko still lives (top floor)

We stopped to eat Pizza for Lunch then due to heavy traffic we had to RUN to catch the ferry 

We Shopped to end the day and ate Pizza for dinner 

Day 3: October 20th
Up early to get to Time Square to head to the Subway... 

Once off the Subway we walked a bit underground and emerged out into the Oculus

Then we headed to our tour of the World Trade Center

We weren't allowed to take many pictures inside but this was one of my favorite parts of the trip.  Humbling and Heart wrenching.

I bet you can't guess what we ate for dinner... Pizza (Kenz and I shared mac n cheese).  The best thing we ate this entire trip was the cupcake from Sprinkles... YUMMY!!
Aaron took Kenz out shopping after dark.  She was the best shopper on the trip.  
They saw where the Macy's Day Parade goes.

Day 4: October 21st
We walked into Time Square to catch the On Location TV/Movie tour bus.

Roaming around the streets in TriBeCa

We ate a hot dog and PIZZA for lunch, shopped while I packed us up 
and we to the shuttle the airport to head home.
We said goodbye to this beautiful, busy, and crazy city.
Our flight left at 8 pm.  We arrived in SLC close to midnight.
It was such a FUN TRIP!! The kids LOVED it.  
Kenz wants to move there and we all can't wait to go back.

Flights $1200
Hotel $1603 after used points 
Shuttle to and from airport $290
Parking at SLC airport $128
Dogs $290
City Tour $480
9/11 Tour $107
Movie Tour $235
Add Food, Treats, Souvenirs
Total Trip $4861