April 19, 2009

Written by Kenz (The Happy Place)

The Happy Place
Sorry i haven't updated! We came home from St. George one week ago. On Easter! I love repeat LOVE! St. George!

It was a long but worth it drive. Mackay and Molly did have like seven naps though! :)

But when we got there we did lots of fun things like going to Great Grandpa Ralph's grave. (Gpa two) and swim (hayden managed to fall asleep in a towel at the pool!) ... and go to Pancho and Lefty's :S But we loved it and going home wasn't fun at all...

Here are some extra pictures of our trip!

here is my Easter basket!

Mackay LOVED the pool....

Here are our Easter Eggs...

Even though Molly is a Mama's girl...

She managed to make a friend next door! :)

And those are some pictures from St. George a.k.a THE HAPPY PLACE


  1. We did have a lot of fun!! I love the sun!! Next time, hopefully, our pool will be open!
    I loved the shopping spree we went on too. St. George is THE BEST!!
  2. I love the happy place. I am going with you next time. I can never get enough of the sun, the fun, and the HEAT!!
  3. This is Jillie Ann in California and I need to talk to one of you girls. Please e-mail at dovergirl@aol.com

    I was in St. George for the day on April 4th...Guess I just missed you.
  4. I am so glad I talked your mom into taking you to St. George. She hasn't been able to truly appreciate it like the rest of us have. I am glad she is making up for lost time. St. George is truly the happy place.
  5. i love your now bacraoon i mis you

April 5, 2009

Written by Kenz (The Soon-to-Be Trip)

Our Soon to be Trip
Time is going so slow for us kids in the Hall Family! Tomorrow we are going to ST. GEORGE! We are super excited. The last time we were there was for our Great Grandpa's funeral. That was like in 2006! We are a little bummed that the pool isn't open yet but we will live! I'll post pics soon of our trip! 


  1. Have a great trip. Be safe. Help your mom with the boys! But have fun. We will be thinking of you. Love, The Hanzons
  2. THAT WAS THE LAST TIME YOU WERE IN ST GEORGE???? SHAME ON YOUR MOTHER:) You tell her to get you there more often. We will when I am out there too. Have so much fun. I am jealous.

    Only 38 days til we come:):):)
  3. St. George is the "happy place". Grandma Kathy loved St. George. Help your mom and have lots of fun. It will be an "awesome" trip.