May 25, 2013

Album Release Party

Please Join Us!!!!
Free Food & Concert!!
AND... you can purchase Kenz's Album!
As well as music by Kyle Khou and Sam Allen!

Music is Kenzie’s Passion.
Becoming a Recording Artist is her Dream.  
Kenz has been working hard to make that Dream a Reality.   
We’d love to have you Join Us to CELEBRATE the Release of her E.P

Bring your Kids, Family, 
Friends, & Neighbors.  
We hope you can come!

Directions to Refinement Records:
Head West on 12300 South.  
Travel under I15 Freeway and turn RIGHT (North) onto Lone Peak.
Take 2nd RIGHT (East) onto Business Park.
Building is on RIGHT.
Once there... Enter door on EAST side of building.
Refinement Records is located on the 2nd floor.

May 15, 2013

Audio West Studios

We have spent the last 3 weeks hanging out with him at his studio!!  
Can I just tell you how amazingly talented this guy is!!  
He can do it all - 
Write - Dance - DJ - Mix - Play - Strum - ETC 
and make you laugh.  
Kenz hit the jackpot when Kyle Khou introduced us to him.
We will be seeing him later today.

Go Low Mackay!!

Just what does GO Low mean?
I'm not sure if Mackay understands what GO LOW means.... 
Even I got confused when all I hear is "Go Low" but watch Mackay run to the three point line...
Crazy Kid!!
Mackay decides the three point line is just too close... so he shoots from way back....
Lucky for him - he made it... Or I think Aaron would have had his head!

He sure loved playing for Rob Dolphin and with the Havoc team!

May 11, 2013

May 9, 2013

Jammin' with Josh

Just FYI ....  any name that is highlighted has a link attached to it.  Click the name and go see some of their work! Each highlight has a different link so click them all if you got the time.  Then you'll see what I mean when I say the are SO dang talented!!
Josh joined us in the studio yesterday.  
He even got to sing a few Oohhhhs and Aahhhhs with Kenz.  
Who knows... she may decide to keep him on the album. 

The men's choir -  Dave, Josh, Kyle, and Adam
yes I tried and realized I have NO singing voice... It was WAY too stressful for me. 

Dave, Josh and Kyle
Kenz joining them in the sound booth

Adam and Kenz singing a few back ups.  

These guys are SOOOOO much fun!!  Notice Dave leaning into Kenz.  He is such a riot!!  

The very handsome and talented team all there to support Kenz!!
She is loving what she is doing!!
Now let's just hope she passes Biology... yikes....

When everything is done and Kenz has released her EP - I can't wait to add some of the video I have taken while in the studio.  We can't wait for you all to HEAR it!!  It sounds SO Great!!

May 6, 2013

Don't Go Away

Kenzie is recording three original songs.  Her favorite is called Don't Go Away.  It is an acoustic blues song.  She asked Grandpa Earl if he would help her record the guitars.  She plays one part and he plays a different part.  It has been a while since he was in the studio, so he was a little nervous but once he got there, it was like "riding a bike" - it all came back .... He may tell you a different story, but he's just being humble.  He did GREAT!!  

 That is one happy girl and one very proud Grandpa, right there!

 Kenz recording the music
 Kenz with Grandpa's reflection 
 Sorry this is fuzzy.... Grandpa recording his part.

Once they were done recording the guitars, Adam Kaiser helped add piano and base.  He just sat and played the song after hearing it just a handful times.... some people are just that talented!

Of course, Kyle was there to talk Kenz through the vocals.  He sure knows his stuff.  We would be lost without him.  We will forever be indebted to Kyle for all he has done.  

On a side note, Kyle made the comment to me the night before Kenzie's first day at the studio that "she would fall in love with music again after being in the studio".  She had a bit of a challenge her first night so I'll admit she didn't "fall in love" liked we hoped.  But today was a different story.... She LOVES this song!!  She loves everything about it.  It is her pride and joy right now.  She is finally feeling "the love"!!!

David had to leave so Adam mixed all the "takes" we chose and the first part of Don't Go Away was complete.  We will go back Wednesday to add harmony and the finishing touches.  

As a mom, it sure was fun being in the studio with my daughter and my dad.  Wish my mom was here to see all of this... I know, I know, "She knows" but it sure would be nice if she was sitting on the comfy black leather couch at Audio West with me - I'm just sayin...

May 4, 2013

One Month from Today!!

She's a little nerdy... but it's really happening 
I'm afraid you will all be REALLY sick of me by the time this whole thing is done.  Sorry!

May 2, 2013

Pinch Me!

This is really happening!!! It has been a whirlwind but Kenz is doing awesome & we are SO EXCITED!!!
Kenz walking into the recording studio for the first time ever!(April 29) She wasn't quite sure what to expect.
Wednesday she recorded harmonies for her first song with Kyle's help.  
with David & Kyle

Pure HAPPINESS right there!!  
We'll keep ya posted but as for now... 
June 4th is the day to purchase "Hands On"!!