November 28, 2011

A Shot to the Mouth

Look what happens when you wrestle too hard with your big brother...

November 26, 2011

November Highlights

November was BUSY for us!!
Mackay celebrated his 10th Birthday
First on Thursday (11/10) with Friends at Airborne Trampoline Arena
Then Friday (11/11) we hosting a Late Night Pizza Party & Film Review with Mackay's football team.
Followed by an Early Morning Breakfast & Pep Rally (11/12) complete with Car Decorating so we could Caravan(???) to the Championship Game.
Mackay played & WON his Leagues CHAMPIONSHIP GAME ON his Birthday!!
Dad & Roe (& Hayden) came to witness the fun... in 30 degree windy, snowy, weather...
It was SO.... miserable, cold, and AWESOME!!! A great way to celebrate turning 10!!!
Sunday, (11/13) we had a Family Birthday Party.
Mackay shares his party with his Uncle Josh (& Jane in Indiana).
With all the celebrating, we thought Mackay would be on cloud nine. But I kept telling Aaron, something isn't right. He didn't look good and he didn't feel good.
as you can see from these pictures... he doesn't look like he is enjoying himself.
He wasn't. After a trip to the doctor (Monday 11/14) we learned he had done all that celebrating with...Pneumonia!!! It wasn't fun for him. Poor Kid!!

Tuesday (11/15), we traveled to Indiana.
We celebrated Jane's 8th Birthday and got to see her get baptized.
She wore the same dress her mom, Manda, wore when she was baptized.
My mom made each of us our own special dress & all of our daughters have been baptized in them.
We loved meeting Manda's friends, seeing her life and home in Indiana, and being part of Jane's special day.
Due to a slight remodel job, our home has turned into a major construction zone, which changed our Thanksgiving plans. Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday!! As much as I was sad not to host family for the holiday, I loved watching the parade, relaxing on the couch, and spending the day with my husband and kids. (I wasn't happy about the fact that I couldn't put any Christmas decorations up the next day... )
Today we kicked off the Christmas Season at
Temple Square!!
Last year, we saw the Temple Lights in a Rain Storm -
this year we saw the Temple Lights with everyone else in the valley...
it was so CROWDED!!!
One of these years we will pick the perfect day to go to Temple Square,
but it probably won't be as fun and funny...
Scott re-proposing to Jenn in the same spot he did many years ago... :)
Monday we will be moving into my Dad's house while they FINISH painting mine...
I can't wait to be settle with my Christmas tree glistening and a fire glowing, surrounded by my little ones (that aren't so little anymore) reading Christmas books while sipping on Hot Chocolate... Doesn't that sound heavenly....???...