July 21, 2009

Written by Kenz (My Close Family)

My Close Family...... I LOVE EM'!

Now the Hatch Family has left the building.... :( Their little family plus Ashley left around 9ish this morning to go on their long journey back to Indiana. Even though it is hard to say goodbye, we had some very fun times while they were here. We had tons of family parties, boating every weekend, Gpa Earls encounter with "dying" ( He had a mild heart attack) A Dorius/Tyler Party, Going to the pool, Gpa Earl and Roe's Wedding, Sleepover with Joshie and Megan and The Allen Boys, Going to the Gateway and seeing movies, Finding out that Megan and Josh are having TWINS!!!, Me babysitting, Plus, doing Alyson's nails and makeup. Whenever her mommy would leave the house, she would immediately start to cry and the first idea I would say was, "Aly, do you want to do your nails?" And she ALWAYS said yes!! I loved it! They are the cutest family and the best cousins and Aunt and Uncle anyone could ask for! I feel so lucky to have an extended family that is so close to each other! Sometimes when you feel "down" you usually go to your parents but I know I can ask an older cousin or even a close aunt to uncle (preferably someone who plays "C.O.D" if you know what I mean ;) ) and I feel so blessed to have that kind of relationship with my family! So I guess even though the Hatch Family is gone, (Plus Ash :) ) We are still so close that it will feel like they never left! :)


  1. You do have a great family. Hopefully you will see Manda, Brett and the kids again soon. Maybe a trip to Indiana? I must be old and out of the loop, though, because I do not know the term COD. Oh, well...have a great week.
  2. We packed a lot of things into a short amount of time... WOW!! Maybe I should pull the "too much fun" rule and stop planning so many fun things... ha ha ;)

    I am very grateful for my brothers and sisters. I am lucky to have them. You and your brothers are really lucky too. They all love you guys, more than you will ever realize.
    I love that you and Josh have such a great time together. He is one of the kindest people on the earth - so is his wife.
    I love you Kenzie!! You helped out a lot while Manda was here - babysitting and helping with the kiddos. Thanks!!
  3. You are a GREAT girl, McKenzie! I bet your aunt Amanda loved your help. This has been such a year of ups and downs for your family.

    Yesterday, Susan B and I went to your Grandma's grave and sat for an hour and talked under an umbrella. It was so nice.
    Is C.O.D. -cash on delivery??? I don't know either.
  4. You were a big help while Manda was here. We do have a great family and we sure do a lot of fun things together. You can always count on us if you need anything. We love ya.
  5. I was so sad to leave, and now that I am home, I want to come back:( I miss you guys already. Thank you for tending the kiddies and doing Aly's make-up and nails. She loved it.
    You are so sweet. We just love you. Can't wait til next summer!!!
  6. poot sum picshers on - love jane

July 2, 2009

Written by Kenz (The Hatch Family)

The Hatch Family has arrived! Amanda, Brett, Jane, Tobe, and Alyson have made it here to Utah! They came on Wednesday, the 24th , and the party began. Even though Brett had to cut his visit short with some business needed to take care of at home, we will still party without him. Sorry Brett.... Some things we are thinking about doing while having them here is boating, (A LOT) Jungle Jyms, bowling, parties, sleepovers, and swimming! So I will keep you updated on those things when we do them! :) Until then, have a great day. (That was way cheesy)


  1. Have a great time! Enjoy the holiday weekend. Love, Alyssa and the family

June 21, 2009

Written by Kenz (Happy Father's Day)

Happy Fathers Day everybody! Wow, that line was cheesy! Today, my extended family is coming over to party! We will eat... steak. Mmmmm... We mostly have everybody but a few are missing including.... Jenn and Scott, Sam, Manda, Brett, and the Hatch Kiddies! =( But we will try to survive.. :) Just kidding. My mom has put together some different memories about our fathers. Some from Aly to Jessie! Some specific are... "My dad ditched school to cut down a tree that he got his car stuck in!" -Tanner, "My dad sang in front of our young women's in the tightest temple jumpsuit!" -Manda, "My dad thinks his kids are Super-stars!" -Jessie, "My dad almost caused a stampede lighting fire-crackers in a horse stable!" -Ashley. So there is just a mini clip of some funny memories or quotes! I know we will have a fun time so to everybody else not able to come.. Happy Father's Day!!!!


  1. Hi Kenzie, I was there the night your dad sang in the tight temple suit. That was so funny. See you all in a few days.
  2. Oops. Your Grandpa, I meant.
  3. What a great idea to share memories of the dads! I am sure the party was a hit! Have a great week. Good luck getting ready for the Hatch's to come and also the wedding later this week. Tell your mom Hi from me. Love, Alyssa
  4. jane can you post on my blog

June 15, 2009

Written by Kenz (Summer with a Chance of Memories)

Summer with a Chance of Memories
As you know I haven't posted for a while.. MAY 13!?!? Well I made a promise to myself that I will post a ton itssummer! Oh yes.. ITS SUMMER!!! I can't believe it! I am out of Elementary but i am deathly afraid for Junior High! Sixth grade was a fun year though. I moved during it but made a lot of friends I will a take with me through Middle School. Some fun things happened during sixth.. There was my Shakesheare play, "A Mid Summer Nights Dream" and that was Way fun, (mostly cause there was no homework for those two weeks... Plus, there was an eggdrop: you had to create a package to put a raw egg in and drop it from our school roof.. No bubblewrap.... that was hard.. The most creativeone I saw was when my friend Abby put hers between two bags of Marshmallows and my other friend Jamie stuffed hers into a WATERMELON! They both broke but mine survived! Another fun activity was our talent show! We had dancers, karate, singing, guitarists, scooter tricks, and piano.. I did my guitar and sang too! I sang I'm Yours by Jason Mraz and I won! So I had to perform in front of the grade, teachers, and parents during our Graduation! Graduation was very fun and touching for most.. of the teachers! Kids were just excited to get out of the prison hall..... well now i must go help Jessica do harmony on a song... Wish me luck!!!!


  1. You did a lot this year!!! You will have a fun filled summer too.
    I was so proud of you when you performed for graduation. You sang beautifully!!
  2. Wow what a busy girl you were in school and then add being the star in your dance recital and guitar lessons, and being a social butterfly. I am glad you found time to go swimming with your cousins today. That was fun. You better post more, it has been over a month.
  3. I wish I could have seen you perform. You are sooooo talented. Jane and I were just talking about how good you are at art like Joshie. And I said, "She's good at dancing, and singing, and the guitar too!!"
    I can't wait to be there again. We will have so much fun going boating, having picnics, going swimming (you'll have to ask your mom what all we have planned--she's the party planner:)
    Oh and my toes are in need of a pedicure!!
    Have fun and I'll see you soon.

May 13, 2009

Written by Kenz (Many Things)

Many Things
I am so sorry i haven't posted a new post. I have had a lot going on... I had my dance performance that the Allen's came to. By the way.. Thanks again Allens! Plus I have had rehearsal for our Draper Temple Celebration, and I have my up coming South Valley dance recital. This year, instead of having one book, we have six. There are soloists in each book. I am the soloist in Matthew's Dream. I am Matthew. A curious mouse with high dreams, my lover is Nicoletta. Played by Hannah... AWKWARD! :) Another magical thing is that... THE HATCHS' ARE COMING TOMORROW! I can NOT wait! My mom is going to check me and Mackay out of school and meet Josh and Meg down at the airport to see them... I will post pictures when I snap some. SoHatchs' be ready to SMILE! 


  1. You are too busy!!!
    I am so sad I will miss your recital - but can't wait to see the DVD. Don't forget to "dance pretty!"

    We have been smiling ever since the Manda, Jane, Tobe, and Aly arrived. Lots of PARTYING!!!

    The best part... the party continues...
    Love you Kenz!!

April 19, 2009

Written by Kenz (The Happy Place)

The Happy Place
Sorry i haven't updated! We came home from St. George one week ago. On Easter! I love repeat LOVE! St. George!

It was a long but worth it drive. Mackay and Molly did have like seven naps though! :)

But when we got there we did lots of fun things like going to Great Grandpa Ralph's grave. (Gpa two) and swim (hayden managed to fall asleep in a towel at the pool!) ... and go to Pancho and Lefty's :S But we loved it and going home wasn't fun at all...

Here are some extra pictures of our trip!

here is my Easter basket!

Mackay LOVED the pool....

Here are our Easter Eggs...

Even though Molly is a Mama's girl...

She managed to make a friend next door! :)

And those are some pictures from St. George a.k.a THE HAPPY PLACE


  1. We did have a lot of fun!! I love the sun!! Next time, hopefully, our pool will be open!
    I loved the shopping spree we went on too. St. George is THE BEST!!
  2. I love the happy place. I am going with you next time. I can never get enough of the sun, the fun, and the HEAT!!
  3. This is Jillie Ann in California and I need to talk to one of you girls. Please e-mail at dovergirl@aol.com

    I was in St. George for the day on April 4th...Guess I just missed you.
  4. I am so glad I talked your mom into taking you to St. George. She hasn't been able to truly appreciate it like the rest of us have. I am glad she is making up for lost time. St. George is truly the happy place.
  5. i love your now bacraoon i mis you