May 13, 2009

Written by Kenz (Many Things)

Many Things
I am so sorry i haven't posted a new post. I have had a lot going on... I had my dance performance that the Allen's came to. By the way.. Thanks again Allens! Plus I have had rehearsal for our Draper Temple Celebration, and I have my up coming South Valley dance recital. This year, instead of having one book, we have six. There are soloists in each book. I am the soloist in Matthew's Dream. I am Matthew. A curious mouse with high dreams, my lover is Nicoletta. Played by Hannah... AWKWARD! :) Another magical thing is that... THE HATCHS' ARE COMING TOMORROW! I can NOT wait! My mom is going to check me and Mackay out of school and meet Josh and Meg down at the airport to see them... I will post pictures when I snap some. SoHatchs' be ready to SMILE! 


  1. You are too busy!!!
    I am so sad I will miss your recital - but can't wait to see the DVD. Don't forget to "dance pretty!"

    We have been smiling ever since the Manda, Jane, Tobe, and Aly arrived. Lots of PARTYING!!!

    The best part... the party continues...
    Love you Kenz!!

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