December 31, 2014

New Years Eve Celebrations

We tried something New...
Each Balloon had an event to do during that hour.  The boys loved sucking the helium out each hour...

Kenz left with Hayden to go sledding and then with their friends.
6 pm: Dinner at Chili's

7 pm: Birthday Celebration
Cake & Gifts

8pm: Looking Back
Pop Culture Trivia, Celebrity Resolutions Game, &Time Capsule

8:30 pm: Looking Ahead
New time capsules & Guess the Resolutions Game

Resolution guessing game

Time capsule 

9 pm: Movie
We ended up just watching Dude You're Screwed on Discovery Channel
10:30 pm: Snack Break

11 pm: Passing the Time
Ball drop & Photo booth

11:45 pm: get ready to celebrate
Pans & noise makers &Mints


Hayden Turns 10

Click HERE to read about his Birthday

December 28, 2014

Kenzie Sings at a Farewell

Dallas Nelson asked Kenz to sing at his farewell.
She sang "I Will Not Be Still" by Kenneth Cope
I recorded it on my phone but only the audio.
This is their rehearsal the night before.  
Jake Justice played piano for Kenz.

December 25, 2014


First Snow of the Season!!

Waking up the Boys

Waking up Kenz

Hayden's Kendama

Kenzie's Arvo Watch

Mackay's Beats by Dre

Hayden's PUPPY

Breakfast at Grandpa's house

Naps and Snacks and then more presents

Kat Bean Art

December 24, 2014

Christmas Chain

December 1: Walk to Bethlehem

December 2: Open Chocolate Advent Calendars

December 3: Open Pezz Candies

December 4: Fancy dinner at the Roof

December 5: Do a Christmas Puzzle

December 6: Open Christmas Socks

December 7: Listen to Prophet's Christmas Devotional

December 8: Shop for Each other

December 9: Special Drink 

December 10: Breakfast for dinner

December 11: Christmas Puzzle Night

December 12: Go see Temple Lights with the family

December 15: Play Christmas Bingo for prizes

December 16: Watch a new Christmas movie

December 17: Send a letter to Santa

December 18: See Christmas Lights

December 19: Kenz's HS Assembly & Take gifts to Teachers and neighbors

December 20: Christmas Movie Marathon

December 21: Cookie and Birthday Party at Jenn's

December 22: Relax

December 23: Open Gifts from Eachother
December 24: Dinner at Fujis and open PJ's

A few Elves on the Shelves