December 24, 2014

Christmas Chain

December 1: Walk to Bethlehem

December 2: Open Chocolate Advent Calendars

December 3: Open Pezz Candies

December 4: Fancy dinner at the Roof

December 5: Do a Christmas Puzzle

December 6: Open Christmas Socks

December 7: Listen to Prophet's Christmas Devotional

December 8: Shop for Each other

December 9: Special Drink 

December 10: Breakfast for dinner

December 11: Christmas Puzzle Night

December 12: Go see Temple Lights with the family

December 15: Play Christmas Bingo for prizes

December 16: Watch a new Christmas movie

December 17: Send a letter to Santa

December 18: See Christmas Lights

December 19: Kenz's HS Assembly & Take gifts to Teachers and neighbors

December 20: Christmas Movie Marathon

December 21: Cookie and Birthday Party at Jenn's

December 22: Relax

December 23: Open Gifts from Eachother
December 24: Dinner at Fujis and open PJ's

A few Elves on the Shelves

1 comment:

Alyssa said...

So fun! We are planning to start the tradition of a Walk To Bethlehem next year. We couldn't make it happen this year, but we know our neighbors would love it. I will have to call and "pick your brain" about the details of making it all come together. This post was fun. I loved seeing all the pictures and learning how you spent your month leading up to Christmas.