May 9, 2013

Jammin' with Josh

Just FYI ....  any name that is highlighted has a link attached to it.  Click the name and go see some of their work! Each highlight has a different link so click them all if you got the time.  Then you'll see what I mean when I say the are SO dang talented!!
Josh joined us in the studio yesterday.  
He even got to sing a few Oohhhhs and Aahhhhs with Kenz.  
Who knows... she may decide to keep him on the album. 

The men's choir -  Dave, Josh, Kyle, and Adam
yes I tried and realized I have NO singing voice... It was WAY too stressful for me. 

Dave, Josh and Kyle
Kenz joining them in the sound booth

Adam and Kenz singing a few back ups.  

These guys are SOOOOO much fun!!  Notice Dave leaning into Kenz.  He is such a riot!!  

The very handsome and talented team all there to support Kenz!!
She is loving what she is doing!!
Now let's just hope she passes Biology... yikes....

When everything is done and Kenz has released her EP - I can't wait to add some of the video I have taken while in the studio.  We can't wait for you all to HEAR it!!  It sounds SO Great!!

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Merilee said...

So amazing! So happy for Kenzie. When she is famous I get to tell everyone, "she babysat my kids!!" haha