June 17, 2010


See this sweet little face?
Mackay is my sensitive, sweet, little boy.
He is 8 years old and tries to choose the right.
He is calm and kind.
He is very patient ... but when he has had enough...

he BLOWS!!

While picnicking at the cemetery Tuesday with many of his cousins, he blew. Hayden had hit Mackay "in the bad spot" (as my boys say) one too many times. The chase was on.

I was sitting next to my mom's grave marker (headstone). The two boys were running FULL SPEED AHEAD.
I could tell by the look on both of their faces that this was not a friendly game of Tag. As a mother, I could see the future...Hayden was going to hit the ground. But what was he going to hit FIRST??

I stood to stop the speed, the running, the problem, whatever ... As they approached my mom's headstone, Mackay gave his final shove... Down Hayden went. Head first into the corner of the headstone.

I swooped Hayden up in my arms, giving Mackay a very dirty look. Scared to death to look at the face of my 5 year old. Jenn yelled, "Get some ice!!" As I looked down - I was shocked!!! Somehow he still had a face and it was all intact. Mom must have reached up and covered the corner.

Mackay managed to get to the other end of the cemetery - scared ...
He hates to get in trouble and he really hates it when he hurts someone. No need to punish - he is one that punishes himself.

After seeing his own face, Hayden's response...
"I look ridiculous!"

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Alyssa said...

Ouch! I am surprised it was not worse. Hitting the corner of a headstone at full speed could have at least knocked some teeth out. Thank heavens it didn't. Hayden does not look ridiculous, he still looks adorable. And as for Mackay, I can totally see him heading in a panic toward the opposite direction of the accident to digest in his mind what had just happened. Awww.....I want to give them both hugs!!!! Is this what having boys is all about??? I think I might prefer girls whining and tantrums to physical battery.