June 18, 2010

Are you my Friend??

My sister, Manda, arrived Monday night!! Woot! Woot!

Kenzie has glamorized Jane and Aly with costumes, curled hair, make up, and painted fingers and toes.

But it is Hayden and Tobe who are in heaven.
They are the best of buddies and so entertaining.

Hayden patiently waits for Tobe to finish what he is saying, while Tobe tells Hayden everything about everything.
Hayden smirks with a little giggle every time Tobe releases a little gas - well actually a lot of rather LOUD gas, while Tobe doesn't even notice gas has slipped out.
They are the happiest and cutest little pair!

When my kids fight and use violence, I always say "There is a better way to handle things." Tobe has taught us all the Better Way.

When Tobe isn't happy with something you, his sisters, kids at the pool, or even my dog, Molly, does, he simply and matter-a-factly tells them; "You're not my Friend." No Yelling, Screaming, Crying, Scratching, Hitting, nothing... just simply - "You're not my Friend."

After a little disagreement the other day, Tobe, with a concerned look on his face asked Hayden, "Are you my Friend?" To which Hayden answered, "No". It was devastating to Tobe. It broke my heart too. Hayden realized how sad he had made Tobe and quickly explained that he WAS his friend, he was just a little upset - and the playing continued.

I wish everyone could handle problems with a "Are you my Friend?"
Wouldn't life be some much more pleasant??


Debbie said...

I LOVE those 2 little boys!

Shauna said...

So fun for your kids to have friend-cousins. Love releases a little gas. Funny. What cute boys.