June 29, 2010

My Germ-a-phob Caught a Germ

Hayden slept a lot of the day yesterday. This morning, I found him laying at the top of the stairs. He has no voice, a barking cough, and makes strange noises when he breathes. After feeling his warm - HOT - body, I gave him some Motrin and laid him on the couch. He fell back to sleep - the strange noises continued, almost like a snore, but with each breath. --- If he was a baby, I would say he had Croup. I would shove his head in my freezer, since it is so dang hot outside and let him sleep it off. But since he is 5 1/2 I decided to call the doctor.

Did you know 5 year olds can still get Croup? Yes, they can.

A dose of steroids (decadron, I think) mixed with Tylenol was given and we were sent home with three more doses. I asked the doctor if this was contagious... "Yep".


Debbie said...

Oh-oh. Manda might take a souvenir home. I hope he feels better soon. (By Thursday!)

Merilee said...

Croup is not fun. Poor kid. My Hayden gets it a lot. He got it twice over the winter! Hope everyone else stays well.

Zackira's said...

Ko has it right now too. I have had a lot of students this year with it.