July 14, 2010

Choose It!

It has been a while since I last wrote.
I was about to say that I don't have much to report.
But that isn't true at all.
We celebrated the 4th of July.

Manda and Brett took their cute kids back to Indiana.
We miss them and the entertainment they brought.

Aaron enjoyed a quiet week without anyone in the house
but him.

I took Kenzie, Mackay, Hayden, Tanner, and Sam
to St. George for a week.

Mackay got his football equipment
- which is going to become our lives
for the next several months.

We attended a family friend's mission homecoming.
I am getting Kenz packed to go to CA with a friend for 9 days.
I'll do my aunt Carole's grocery shopping,
Put together a primary sharing time,
Have Hayden sedated to fill 3 cavities... grrr...
Then fly off to Las Vegas with Aaron :),
while Jessica takes care of my boys.
- All before July 24th.

Needless to say... I feel like an EXHAUSTED
chicken with my head cut off.

But I wanted to write about the Homecoming.
Shane Harris served his mission in Mexico and spoke about Choices and who they effect.
The High Counsel member who spoke after him spoke about Family History.
As he began his talk, I sank a little in my seat,
thinking it was going to be another "do your genealogy" talk.
But it wasn't.

He included Shane's message and said
"Choose Your Family History"

It wasn't about genealogy at all.
It was about taking time with your families.

He said something to the effect of;

"I don't care if it means putting a pool in your backyard
so your families come visit more often

I don't care if it means traveling across country
to see your children and grandchildren

I don't care if it means showing up at every dance recital (etc) ...

I don't want Kenzie ever to say,
"My mom didn't listen to me or like to spend time with me."

I don't want Mackay ever to say,
"My mom didn't support me or come to my football games."

I don't want Hayden ever to say,
"My mom cared more about herself than her family."

My family is everything to me.
My husband, my children,
my sisters, my brothers, my nieces & nephews,
my aunts & uncles, my grandparents,
all my in-laws,
my dad and my mom are everything to me.

They ARE my Family History.
I'm way tired, but I am choosing them.

Are You???


amanda said...

"Family is Everything" I saw a plate at Deseret Book that said this and I almost got it for you but it didn't match your house:) It's true. Family IS everything. That is all mom got to take with her. That is why I drive out there because it is so important. I love our family and I love my family.

Alyssa said...